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Trump suddenly scrambles to encourage mail-in voting in Florida after weeks of attacking it

Trump suddenly scrambles to encourage mail-in voting in Florida after weeks of attacking it

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Donald Trump thinks that mail-in voting is rife with the potential for fraud and should be banned…except in states where it can hurt his re-election prospects.

That’s the only possible conclusion for the reversal of course that the president took today in his tweet absolving Florida of any the taint that he’s liberally slathered on the absentee voting processes in states controlled by Democratic leaders and in other swing states where he eked out tiny victories in 2016.

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The biggest problem with Trump’s personal certification of the Florida Vote by Mail election system is the fact that — for once — Trump is actually correct.

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It’s just that his testimony that the Florida election process is “Safe and Secure, Tried and True” applies just as much to every other state in the union, despite the president’s self-serving campaign to claim otherwise in the face of poll numbers that would have inspired any sane person — or one not under the threat of indictment, conviction, and imprisonment at the instant he leaves office —  to drop out of the race.

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Perhaps the only thing more infuriating than Trump’s obvious attempts to contradict everything he’s been saying about mail-in voting for the past few weeks — including erasing the non-existent distinction between absentee ballots and mail-in voting — is his unwarranted confidence that the American people won’t see through his self-serving pivot so obviously inspired by reports that his rhetoric would convince Florida’s considerable population of GOP seniors to refuse to vote by mail and avoid what will likely be polling places still filled with asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers even in November.

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The response on social media to Trump’s latest 180-degree turn predictably ranged from outraged to derisive and indicated that the president was fooling no one with his latest gambit.

At least Twitter has Trump’s number.

Let’s hope that enough of the rest of the country can see through his dissembling to ensure his defeat whether by in-person ballots, mail-in votes, or the indistinguishable absentee ballots.

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