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Trump accuses Sally Yates of “greatest political crime of the century” in unhinged Twitter outburst

Trump accuses Sally Yates of “greatest political crime of the century” in unhinged Twitter outburst

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, the courageous woman who was fired by Trump for refusing to enforce his racist Muslim ban,  was called before the Senate Judiciary Committee today as part of the Republicans’ so-called probe into the Russia investigation, an election-year dog and pony show engineered specifically to discredit and smear the president’s enemies.

The Republicans on the committee, most notably Trump lapdog Senator Lindsey Graham (SC), are hoping to conjure a portrait of an out of control Department of Justice in order to delegitimize Robert Mueller’s findings. Clearly, these elected officials in the GOP care nothing for the sanctity of our elections or the numerous shady connections between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russian operatives.

Before his lackeys descended on Yates during the hearing, the president himself took to Twitter and gave away the whole charade as a partisan hatchet job by saying that she has “zero credibility.” Ridiculously, he accused her of being “part of the greatest political crime of the Century” and insisted “ObamaBiden” knew all about it.

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Presumably, Trump was referring to his convoluted “Obamagate” conspiracy theory, an amorphous narrative that shifts and changes to fit whatever Trump’s political needs are at any given moment (including when he wants to distract from his COVID-19 failures). To date, he has failed to articulate what exactly “Obamagate” is, beyond some vague allegations about spying and criminality.

When asked directly to his face to explain Obamagate in the past, Trump has completely floundered.

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In his morning tweet, the president also implied that Yates “leaked” some conversation with convicted felon and disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

“Republicans should start playing the Democrats game,” he ended his little missive, displaying once again his profound capability for projection. The GOP is obsessed with witch hunts and hearings and its members are solely interested in scoring cheap political points, never in uncovering the actual truth. The only “game” the Democrats play when compared to the Republicans on these issues is that they actually do their jobs.

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