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Twitter reacts in disbelief after Trump claims Biden will somehow “hurt God”

Twitter reacts in disbelief after Trump claims Biden will somehow “hurt God”

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign continues to flail about aimlessly in search of a narrative. With a country devastated by COVID-19 due to his own incompetence, a deeply damaged economy, and no meaningful accomplishments from the past four years to run on, he’s been reduced to hurling milquetoast insults and blatantly untrue accusations at presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The most common attack from Trump and his MAGA minions is that Biden is a “radical leftist” who wants to destroy America. It’s such a cartoonish characterization of the man, such a gross misrepresentation of his love for this country and the people who live in it, that it’s unlikely to find purchase with anyone beyond the most unhinged, paranoid Fox News viewers.

Trump simply can’t attack Biden on the issues so he’s forced to say ludicrous things. Today, he landed on his most bizarre smear yet. While delivering remarks in Cleveland, Ohio the president attempted what can only be interpreted as a desperate bid to incite the Evangelical voters that propelled him to the White House in 2016.

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“He’s going to do things that nobody ever would ever think even possible because he’s following the radical left agenda. Take away your guns. Destroy your Second Amendment. No religion. No anything. Hurt the Bible, hurt God. He’s against God. He’s against guns. He’s against energy, our kind of energy,” Trump ranted.

That’s right. Trump wants his supporters to believe that Joe Biden, a devout lifelong Catholic, is going to “hurt” God. How exactly Trump thinks the former vice president is going to inflict damage on an omnipotent being was left unexplained. How exactly he will hurt the Bible, short of some mass roundup and book burning, was also left unexplored.

In addition to being a truly insane line of attack, it’s deeply hypocritical. Biden has talked all his life about how important his faith is to him. Trump started pretending to believe in God when he ran for president as a Republican and needed Christian votes. Anyone who falls for this gambit should be ashamed.

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