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“Beer cans are not defense weapons!” Grassley mystifies with apparent call to get tough on Canada

“Beer cans are not defense weapons!” Grassley mystifies with apparent call to get tough on Canada

Senior — and we mean really senior — Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is well known for his love of Twitter and the extremely bizarre things that he uses the platform to express. The man who famously caused a stir by tweeting “Windsor Heights Dairy Queen is good place for u kno what” left readers scratching their heads on Friday evening when he publicly called for Trump to get tougher on China.

Sorry, Canada. We meant Canada.

The Iowa Senator took to the president’s social media platform and declared now was not “the time to show unity” with our closest ally after Canada slapped a $2.7 billion tariff on American aluminum projects. These tariffs were done in reprisal for Trump reigniting the trade war with Canada by putting a 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum, upending the 2019 trade deal that ended the president’s last round of trade provocation.

“At a time when we are fighting a global pandemic… a trade dispute is the last thing anyone needs – it will only hurt the economic recovery on both sides of the border…Any American who buys a can of beer or a soda or a car or a bike will suffer. In fact, the washing machines Trump stood in front of yesterday will get more expensive,” declared Canadian deputy minister Chrystia Freeland in response to Trump’s tariffs.

But reading deeper into it, it’s not clear what Grassley is trying to say. Trump had used the national security excuse to justify the tariffs, which is why Grassley had called the use of the defense tariffs “ridiculous” and appears to be critical of the President’s reckless urge for economic warfare — in which case perhaps he meant to say it that it is time to show unity with Canada?

Either way, it is obvious we need to drive both men out of office and into retirement and replace them with people capable of compromise and eloquence.

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