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Pelosi torches Trump for failing to pass new virus relief bill

Pelosi torches Trump for failing to pass new virus relief bill

In the midst of the worst pandemic in modern history, the American people are saddled with a ruling party that has proven not only to be deeply incompetent but actively malicious. The Republicans are more than happy to hand out trillions of dollars to corporations and the super-wealthy but when it comes to providing economic support to average Americans struggling to survive unemployment and financial hardships due to a viral outbreak the GOP is suddenly full of fiscal conservatives.

So far, Americans have received a single stimulus check of $1200 (or less in some cases). Discussions to pass another relief bill broke down today, with Republicans refusing to offer anything more than “meager legislative proposals” according to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  As usual, Trump and his henchman are pinching pennies when it comes to time to actually help people.

Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-CA) held a press conference to address the negotiations breakdown. The Speaker explained that the measures put forth by the Democrats were “necessary.” Schumer explained that they’re trying to ensure the legislation helps with “feeding kids, opening schools, employing people, helping people who need help.” He added that Democrats are guided by tending to “real needs” while Republicans are guided by the idea that “the government should spend as little money as possible despite the crisis in America.”

The Speaker eventually turned her ire directly on President Trump, shredding him for saying he will funnel the majority of reopening funding to schools that decide to open up for in-person classes rather than virtual/hybrid schools. She explained that such an ill-intentioned move would disproportionately affect lower-income children and children of color. Unfortunately, such an argument is likely to fall on deaf ears with Trump and his Republican cronies since the GOP views the poor and minorities as disposable.

Moments like this crystallize the very real differences between the two parties. Democrats are working around the clock to save lives while Republicans are willing to simply let us die.

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