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Twitter trashes Jim “Gym” Jordan for putting students at risk with call for college ball during pandemic

Twitter trashes Jim “Gym” Jordan for putting students at risk with call for college ball during pandemic

As the coronavirus crisis continues to worsen across the country, the Republican response has by and large been to try to normalize the mass infection, hospitalizations and deaths that regular Americans (but not them, of course) must suffer at the hands of the virus that the President and his cronies allowed to spread across the nation.

First they bitterly protested the lockdowns and quarantines, then tried to fight against the use of masks and began pushing for schools to re-open. The latest health crisis issue turned culture war battle is over college football, the 2020 season of which is in serious doubt as schools cancel their programs and students refuse to put their lungs at risk.

Rep. Ben Sasse (R-NE) sparked controversy this morning when he wrote a letter to the presidents of the “Big Ten” universities demanding that they play the college football season anyway despite the pandemic.

He was quickly joined by Rep. Jim “Gym” Jordan, who echoed that America “needs” college football.

In reality, the only people who “need” college football are the Republicans, who have entirely given up finding any solution to the coronavirus crisis and are desperately trying to make everyone believe that everything is fine. Even in normal circumstances, sports provide a blessed respite from the unceasingly soul-crushing pressures and petty tyrannies of living in American society, and the GOP now need it more than ever to distract the nation from the COVID-19 crisis — and keep them from focusing on the GOP’s role in deliberately exacerbating the crisis.

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Social media immediately erupted in fury at Jim Jordan, who infamously looked the other way while former Ohio State team doctor Richard Strauss sexually abused his students while Jordan was an assistant coach there. Having already proven that he doesn’t care about the wellbeing of his students, Jordan is the last person who should be advocating for college ball during a pandemic — as Twitter users were quick to remind him.

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