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Trump complains men will be “insulted” if Biden picks a woman VP

Trump complains men will be “insulted” if Biden picks a woman VP

Donald Trump’s antipathy toward women is well-documented. The man who was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault has a long history of mocking and belittling women and four years as president has done little to rein in his misogyny. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, on the other hand, has a history of lifting up and praising the women in his life and has promised to choose a female running mate.

During a conversation with Clay Travis (a man known for his crude comments about “boobs”) on Fox News Radio, Trump addressed Biden’s soon to be announced vice-presidential pick. Not surprisingly given what we know about this president, he voiced some disapproval.

“Well, I think that I would be inclined to go a different route than what he’s done. First of all, he roped himself into, you know, a certain group of people, which is fine,” said Trump, who chose as his vice president a man with such a dysfunctional relationship with women that he refuses to dine alone with them.

“He said he had to pick a woman,” Travis replied.

“He said that, and you know, some people would say that men are insulted by that and some people would say it is fine. I don’t know,” said Trump.  Following that harebrained logic, women should be insulted that Trump chose a man.

The reality is that men are already over-represented in our government and having more women in high-ranking positions will only serve to strengthen our country as diverse viewpoints invariably lead to a broader range of possible solutions for national problems.

“I will say this: People don’t vote for the vice,” Trump went on. “This is history. This isn’t necessarily me, this is history. Because we have a great vice president. Mike Pence has been incredible actually. He’s been a great vice president and done a really, really good job in everything I’ve given him.”

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“But people don’t vote for the vice president. They really don’t. They don’t vote for the vice president. You could pick George Washington to be your vice president. Let’s pick up Abraham Lincoln coming back from the dead. They just don’t seem to vote for the vice president,” said Trump, showcasing some of that unearned egotism that seems to define every fiber of his being. Of course, he doesn’t want to believe that vice presidential picks have any effect on elections because that would mean he has to share credit for his 2016 win.

“Now in this case, you know, because Joe’s got some things going on, let’s not kid ourselves, unless you… I don’t know where your politics are, but Joe’s got some pretty big things going on. So this is going to be a very important pick, and it’ll be interesting to see who he chooses. I’m interested to see also. In the end, I don’t think it’s going to matter, Joe is going to have to stand on his own two feet,” said the president, who himself had trouble literally standing on his own feet while descending a ramp not too long ago.

Listen to the pathetic rambling thoughts below.

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