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Trump viciously lashes out at intel chiefs after Bolton spills about his love for Putin

Trump viciously lashes out at intel chiefs after Bolton spills about his love for Putin

On Tuesday morning, President Trump lashed out at the leaders of our intelligence community who sought to unveil his connections and his disturbing affinity for Russia’s autocrat, Vladimir Putin. He appears to have been responding to a new Business Insider interview with Trump’s own former National Security Advisor and unindicted war criminal John Bolton in which he described the lengthy efforts to which he and other cabinet members had to go in order to explain why Trump’s friendliness with Putin was upsetting people.

“I was sitting in the audience with Chief of Staff John Kelly, and we were both frozen to our chairs…We couldn’t believe what we had heard. And we spent a good part of the flight on Air Force One back to Washington trying to explain to the president why he was getting such a negative reaction from the press back in Washington. The president didn’t seem to understand that people might be upset that he equated what Putin said with what our intelligence community said,” said Bolton to BI. 

In predictable fashion, the President took to Twitter and began childishly disparaging the people he doesn’t like in an attempt to defuse Bolton’s words — but can’t help but prove their point with a strawman argument that only makes him appear more guilty.

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In the same sentence that he denies being friendly with Putin, he trashes America’s former intelligence chiefs as “dirty cops” and “sleazebags” and takes aim at the leaders of the investigations that would eventually lead to the Mueller Report and the definitive proof that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 election on behalf of Trump.

His inability to simply issue a denial without some kind of accompanying unfair insult (except in Bolton’s case, where it is much deserved) only highlights his own guilt, as we have seen play out countless times over and over again. It also highlights his complete inability to let anything go; in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, he still feels it is important to dig up feuds from over three years ago to give his punching bags yet another batter.

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He is completely unfit to hold office, and this latest tweet is yet another sharp reminder.


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