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Chris Wallace laughs at Republicans losing their minds over Kamala: Who would you have liked?

Chris Wallace laughs at Republicans losing their minds over Kamala: Who would you have liked?

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Yesterday, Joe Biden announced that his running mate will be Senator Kamala Harris (CA), meaning he’ll have a formidable partner when he squares off against President Trump and Mike Pence at the ballot box.

The Republican propaganda machine is already scrambling to smear Harris, ranging from bizarre nitpicking about her racial background to the usual silly allegations that she’s some far-left extremist hellbent on destroying America. If these attacks are the best they can muster they’re in trouble come November.

Today, Fox News’s Chris Wallace spoke to host Sandra Smith and addressed the pathetic mudslinging efforts being launched against Harris, accurately stating that Republicans are “struggling” to figure out how best to handle her. He took specific aim at their doomed-to-fail talking point that she is a radical leftist.

“She is not far to the left despite what Republicans are going to try to say,” Wallace said, before peppering in some mild criticisms.

“I think she’s a reasonably safe choice,” he added. “She was the obvious frontrunner. She was the obvious choice. She adds some excitement to the ticket. She’s a statement to African-Americans and especially to African-American women, who are the real solid core of the Democratic Party, that the party does not take them for granted.”

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“And so I think she’s a pretty safe choice and will energize some women, energize some African-Americans. And most importantly, it’s a cliche but it’s true: Like the Hippocratic Oath, what people always say about the vice0presidential pick is first do no harm,” Wallace went on.

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Smith responded by pointing out that publications with a right-wing slant such as The New York Post and conservative politicians like Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) have decided to attack Harris. Wallace found the inane point funny enough that he laughed at it.

“I guess my reaction is the fact that Liz Cheney and The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal editorial page don’t like her, who among the Democrats would they have liked? The answer is they’re kind of struggling. Think of who he could have chosen and how much easier it would have been for Republicans to make that case,” he responded.

As he often is, Wallace was correct. Whoever Biden chose for his VP would have faced the same bad faith accusations from Republicans. They were always going to claim that he or she was the most liberal vice-presidential candidate in history. The simple truth is they have no effective narrative, no real criticisms to lob at Harris, so they’re being forced to resort to boilerplate scare tactics.

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