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Postal union leader warns that Trump’s Postmaster is gutting offices, removing equipment

Postal union leader warns that Trump’s Postmaster is gutting offices, removing equipment

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The Republican Party does not want you to vote this November. The GOP realizes that if voters show up en masse the odds of their deeply unpopular, plutocratic president being expelled from office are high. It’s for this reason that Trump has been launching nonstop attacks on the legitimacy of mail-in voting despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the mountains of evidence that show fraud is so rare as to be completely negligible.

To aid these efforts, Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is working to gut the U.S. Postal Service, deploying dirty tricks ranging from cutting overtime for postal workers to instituting measures aimed at delaying the delivery time of mail. The goal is clearly to destabilize mail services ahead of November and weaken the viability of mail-in voting. Now, postal employees are sounding the alarms.

Kimberly Karol, the President of the Iowa Postal Workers Union, spoke to NPR’s  Noel King and outlined some of the disturbing developments going on. King asked if workers in Iowa have been experiencing the changes implemented by DeJoy.

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“Yes, we are beginning to see those changes and how it is impacting the mail. Mail is beginning to pile up in our offices, and we’re seeing equipment being removed. So we are beginning to see the impact of those changes,” said Karol.

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“Curious, I hadn’t heard about this one, equipment being removed. What equipment?” asked King.

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“The sorting equipment that we use to process mail for delivery. In Iowa, we are losing machines. And they already in Waterloo were losing one of those machines. So that also hinders our ability to process mail in the way that we had in the past,” said Karol. She went on to say that most postal workers have the same concerns about DeJoy and that he is making it more difficult for them to perform their duties the way they always have.

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King asked Karol what she thinks of the conservative talking point that making cuts to the Postal Service is necessary to reduce costs. Karol’s response was grim.

“Well, unfortunately, I don’t see this as cost-saving measures. I see this as a way to undermine the public confidence in the mail service. It’s not saving costs. We’re spending more time trying to implement these policy changes. And it’s, in our offices, costing more over time,” said Karol.

The fact that the Republicans are willing to dismantle the incredibly popular Postal Service after over 200 years of reliable service just to line the pockets of private mail delivery companies and to keep themselves in power shows that the GOP has absolutely no interest in serving the wants and needs of the American people. They’ve made their priorities clear, now they have to go.

Twitter is beginning to fill up with concerned replies to the NPR article, which hopefully means this crucial story will soon get wider spread coverage.

Listen to the NPR interview below.

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