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Mika tears into Trump for his “utter stupidity” in fiery Morning Joe segment

Mika tears into Trump for his “utter stupidity” in fiery Morning Joe segment

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It’s getting harder by the day for many people, including some in the media, to tolerate President Trump’s constant lying and incompetency. Over 165,000 people are dead from COVID-19 and the man leading our country, the man who initially dismissed concerns about the pandemic as unfounded and a hoax, refuses to take one iota of responsibility. Instead, he continues to insist that everything is fine, that he is doing a stupendous job despite all the evidence to the contrary.  It’s exhausting.

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mike Brzezinski lost her patience with Trump’s rhetoric. While playing a clip of the president rambling about on the virus and smearing Joe Biden, she decided to suddenly cut off the video.

“The president just lied four times in a row and I just cut it short because we don’t need to hear him lying,” said Brzezinski. “He says Joe Biden has been wrong every step of the way? Was he wrong in January when he penned an opinion piece for USA Today warning of a coming pandemic? Warning that many lives would be lost if the president doesn’t get his CDC and build teams around this to combat a virus?” she said.

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“Was he wrong or were you wrong when you went to the CDC spewing your germs all over the place saying if you can get a test, or you want a test, you can get a test when no one could get a test? Or maybe were you wrong when you said it would just go away miraculously? Maybe, were you wrong when you said it was one person coming from China? Maybe, were you wrong when you said perhaps you don’t want to use the Defense Production Act to mobilize a nationalized response to testing and contact tracing?” she went on.

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After unleashing her initial tirade, Brzezinski further fine-tuned her criticism and shredded Trump for intentionally slowing down testing to artificially keep cases low, calling it “utter stupidity.” She blamed him for many of the coronavirus deaths, accused him of failing to show leadership, and attacked his seeming inability to listen to medical professionals.

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The entire fiery segment is worth a watch and more of our media personalities need to be this blunt and brutal in their segments about Trump. The time for treating him with kid gloves is over. People are dying and he must be held accountable.

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