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Stunned Twitter users react to Trump claiming he’s done more for women than any President

Stunned Twitter users react to Trump claiming he’s done more for women than any President

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Donald Trump has a long history of offensively ridiculous claims but today he may have spewed his worst yet. Our sexual predator president, the man who bragged about assaulting women and who has been accused by numerous women of rape and sexual assault, took to Twitter and claimed that he has “done more for WOMEN than just about any President in history.”

The tweet is especially ludicrous when you review Trump’s far-right legislative record and see that it is largely devoid of any bills that directly help women. Conversely, President Obama’s first piece of legislation signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which made it easier for women to file lawsuits over unequal pay. Trump has no comparable accomplishments.

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It’s unclear who exactly Trump’s message is geared towards beyond the most gullible of MAGAheads. Even if you don’t believe the credible assault and rape allegations for some reason, Trump has a public record of belittling, objectifying, and terrorizing women. This is the same misogynist who has regularly referred to women as “pigs” and “dogs.” No reasonable person could look at him and see a champion of women.

Trump proposing to build a statue in honor of women is a bad joke that does nothing to alleviate all the suffering he has inflicted on women over the years. If he really wanted to honor women he’d shift his draconian positions on reproductive rights and endorse a woman’s right to choose. Of course, the odds of him doing that are less than zero because he has a reactionary voting base to pander to. So instead he’s giving lip service to women’s issues in the hopes that it’ll earn him a few more votes in November. He’s mistaken.

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Twitter users quickly swarmed the president’s tweet, with responses ranging from understandable and justified outrage to brutal mockery. One thing was clear: nobody is buying Trump’s claim.

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