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“Nasty Mexican dog!” Video shows California “Karen” screaming slurs at Latino man walking his dog

“Nasty Mexican dog!” Video shows California “Karen” screaming slurs at Latino man walking his dog

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There seems to be no end to the stream of racist videos going viral during the Trump era. Time and time again we see white people harassing and insulting people of color, so secure in their own white privilege and entitlement that they are completely unperturbed by the fact that their bigotry is being captured on camera.

The latest such video to explode across social media comes from a Twitter user who claims that her boyfriend was walking his dog somewhere in the Bay Area when a white woman accosted him and began hurling vile racial slurs at him.

The clip starts with the white woman grimacing and calling the man a “nasty Mexican dog” over and over again. The man manages to maintain his composure and replies “God bless you” to the woman, clearly trying to de-escalate the encounter. He then tries to walk away while still filming, and the woman follows him, repeating her “Mexican dog” insult.

“Keep following me and I’ll call the police on you,” the man says.

“I’m not following you, you’re following me dog,” the woman says several times while following him closely.

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“God bless you,” the man says again.

“No don’t bless… F*ck off!” the woman shouts.

“Jesus loves you, God bless you. Don’t be talking to me like that,” the man replies.

“No don’t talk to me about Jesus! I don’t want to talk to you, you started talking to me nasty dog,” the woman claims.

“Don’t start talking to me like that,” the man said, still managing to remain calm despite the verbal abuse.

“You started talking to me nasty dog!” she says.

“Calm down,” he says.

“Mexican nasty turd-colored dog. Turd! Turd! Turd nasty Mexican turd dog,” the woman shouts right before the video ends.

There’s no way to know for sure how this encounter started before the camera was rolling, but there is absolutely no excuse for this woman’s shockingly racist language. While racists like this have always existed in this country, the election of Trump has emboldened them. Luckily, the proliferation of smartphones means that for the first time in history we are getting an unvarnished look at the hateful interactions people of color face on a daily basis. Now, we can start holding people accountable.

Watch below.

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