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New video appears to show Melania refusing twice to hold Trump’s hand

New video appears to show Melania refusing twice to hold Trump’s hand

The president’s relationship with his wife Melania is infamous for being rather on the frosty side of things — unsurprisingly so, considering the way that his rampant infidelity led to a hush-money payment to a porn star and a criminal investigation that sent his personal lawyer Michael Cohen to prison.

That frostiness was on full display in a recent video clip that shows the President attempting to hold her hand twice times as they descend the steps of Air Force One — but it appears she wasn’t having any of it.

While he was attempting to hold the hand that was already holding her handbag, the speed with which she jerks her hand away indicates that this rejection was not just out of inconvenience. Further supporting this hypothesis is the multiple videos that show Melania previously refusing to hold his hand.

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In May 2017, Melania famously swatted the president’s hand away on the tarmac in Tel Aviv:

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Melania appeared to dodge the grasping of his deficient digits in February 2018 on the way to Marine One:

She also refused to hold his hand in April 2018 while welcoming French President Emanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.

It appears all is not well behind the scenes in the East Wing — but given Donald Trump’s performance as President, his long history of infidelity, and the many sexual harassment and assaults allegations against him — some of which allegedly occurred while Melania was in the house — can you blame her?


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