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Video shows family screaming in terror as Boaters For Trump parade sinks their boat

Video shows family screaming in terror as Boaters For Trump parade sinks their boat

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One of the more bizarre developments of the 2020 political landscape has been the rise of the Boaters For Trump, a group of politically-minded boating enthusiasts who also enjoy racism. After videos of their boat parades and streaming TRUMP 2020 flags went viral, Trump himself  shoved them squarely into the national consciousness with his tweets praising our “beautiful boaters” and bragging about how Joe Biden never has any boat parades for him.

But it appears the boaters have gone too far.

In a ridiculous scene straight out of Caddyshack — and a painfully appropriate metaphor for Donald Trump’s entire presidency — a new video shows an obnoxious Boaters for Trump parade on the Williamette River in Portland Oregon creating such a disturbance in the water that they flooded and then sank a non-Trump family boat as the occupants screamed in terror. The boat entirely disappears beneath the waves as the occupants are forced to jump ship, and are quickly rescued by other boats in the area.

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In the COVID-19 era, boat parades have replaced Trump rallies as the go-to venue for his baying and hooting supporters to congregate and show their devotion to a man who has almost certainly never driven a boat himself and once nearly told the Boy Scout Jamboree about a sex party he attended on a yacht once.

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The president’s tweets have promoted a Boaters For A Brighter Future PAC, which you will not be surprised to learn does not actually exist. The Daily Beast reports that founders Scott Crabtree and Carlton Morris were planning to start a PAC but the project died with their accountant after he had a heart attack on his boat. Now it only exists as a website, where the pair promote ridiculous anti-Green New Deal propaganda and warn Americans of the coming war between “boat folks” and “woke folks.” “Do you trust them with your boat?” asks the website next to pictures of Democratic leaders.

Ironically, Crabtree himself does not own a boat, but he does own a boat-related financial advice company.

Original reporting by Sophie Tanno at the Daily Mail.

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