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Trump publicly trashes John McCain after watching Sarah Palin’s Tucker Carlson appearance

Trump publicly trashes John McCain after watching Sarah Palin’s Tucker Carlson appearance

On Thursday morning, the President lashed out at the late Senator John McCain after watching last night’s episode of Tucker Carlson’s FOX News show, which featured McCain’s Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Though he was unable to help himself from trashing the dead Republican as a “lousy candidate with lots of bad policy,” the real target of his ire were the “deadheads” who ran McCain’s campaign like Steve Schmidt who he accused of “sabotaging” his campaign from the inside.

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McCain’s former senior campaign strategist Steve Schmidt is a vocal critic of Trump and is a member of the so-called “Lincoln Project,” the group of washed-up GOP operatives who are desperately trying to ingratiate themselves with the Democratic Party and ensure a future for their political careers with their snappy TV ads and stolen tweets.

Donald Trump began attacking John McCain long before he ever came near the Oval Office, famously questioning McCain’s military service record in an interview with Megyn Kelly and saying that he “liked veterans who didn’t get captured.”

Since then, the feud between McCain and Trump turned into a back and forth series of quiet criticisms from McCain and rude responses from the President, punctuated by McCain continuing to vote in favor of everything President Trump wanted to do until the crucial vote on the repeal of Obamacare and its replacement with a hollow shell that would kick tens of millions off of their healthcare.

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In a dramatic showdown on the Senate floor, McCain voted “no” and provided a final kick in the teeth to one of Trump’s biggest policy objectives — and provoked the animus that has sustained the president’s infamously endless resentment towards McCain.

Though McCain has been dead for two years now, Donald Trump’s drive for personal vengeance is still so strong that he never misses an opportunity to smear him. It is yet another one of the countless character flaws that make him uniquely unqualified to hold the powerful office that he does.

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