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Video shows Georgia cop dragging Black woman and shocking her on her own porch

Video shows Georgia cop dragging Black woman and shocking her on her own porch

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Disturbing new video shows a Gwinnett County, Georgia police officer dragging a Black woman on the ground and then tazing her with his stun gun. While it is unclear what started the altercation, the video clearly shows the officer informing a group of women on their own porch that they are “under arrest,” but does not say what for.

Kyndesia Smith refuses to comply with the arrest but simply stands behind her friends on the couch. Faced with this passive and nonviolent resistance, Officer Michael Oxford attempts to drag her out from behind the porch couch and ends up toppling it to the ground.

As the women cry out in protest, he point his stun gun at her and wails the universal cop cry of impotent outrage at not having his authority immediately respected: “GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND. Get on the ground right now. Taser. Taser.”

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Twenty-one seconds into the altercation, he shocks Smith, sending her tumbling into the bushes as he tries to flip her over and arrest her.

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It’s unclear what started the incident; reports from social media say that the woman was “talking too loudly on her own porch,” while reports that a neighbor, who witnesses said is “always calling 911,” accused Smith of throwing a bottle and threatening her. No charges were made related to the original 911 call, which tells you everything you need to know about the validity of those accusations.

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Oxford said that “I told Smith that she need to either quiet down and or remove herself from the scene and if she did not she would be further obstructing my investigation and would be arrested. Smith once again continued to yell and shout in which I then told her she was under arrest.”

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Smith was arrested for “obstructing law enforcement” and “simple battery;” the officer claims the woman kicked him in the head while she was in the patrol car, which seems highly unlikely.

Oxford has been placed on paid administrative leave in the wake of the incident.

The complete lack of any kind of de-escalation in the situation and the officer’s decision to immediately resort to violence when confronted with a Black person is everything that’s wrong with America’s police forces today.

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