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Melania unveils Rose Garden redesign and gets creamed for replacing trees with concrete

Melania unveils Rose Garden redesign and gets creamed for replacing trees with concrete

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The First Lady has traditionally been in charge of any changes in the design of the interior and exterior of the White House that she and her husband currently occupy.

Today, Melania Trump got to unveil her renovations of the White House Rose Garden and faced strident outcries after it was revealed that she had trees and other shrubs — planted by then-First Lady Jackie Kennedy when she oversaw the redesign of the garden in 1961 — replaced with a concrete sidewalk.

While the newly stripped landscape may make for better camera angles when Melania addresses the Republican convention this week from the Rose garden — as she is reportedly planning on doing despite the ethical prohibition on using federal property in political campaigns — many people on social media reacted negatively to what they considered to be a desecration of the Kennedy legacy.

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Luckily, like much of the Trump family’s own legacy, the damage caused by this “renovation” can be undone once Donald is evicted from the property that he has squatted in without a popular mandate for the past three and a half years.

We ask once again that you make sure that your voter registration data is current and then cast your ballot in the safest way you can in your own locale.

Text vote to 30330 to get details on voter information in your state and then vote the suckers out!

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