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The continuing saga of Kellyanne and George Conway’s daughter Claudia takes a new turn

The continuing saga of Kellyanne and George Conway’s daughter Claudia takes a new turn

When we last left the saga of Claudia Conway, the outspoken 15-year-old daughter of Donald Trump’s top political advisor Kellyanne Conway and her husband noted conservative attorney and Project Lincoln anti-Trumper George Conway, she was begging Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for an internship, bemoaning the fact that her mother was speaking alongside “a homophobe and a rapist,” and telling the world that she was going to set “WAP” as the ringtone that plays when she calls her mother.

Her controversial comments obviously caused the Conway household some distress, since the progressive-oriented scion of the arch-conservative family with opposite views of Trump’s suitability for the presidency has been silent on social media all week long.

Yesterday, Claudia resurfaced on Twitter with a series of tweets that further expressed her frustration with her mother’s prominent position in an administration led by a man whom the teenager has said no one hates more than herself.

The triggering occasion for the latest series of confessional social media posts from the high school student was the announcement that her mom Kellyane would be a featured speaker at Trump’s version of the Republican National convention, something that Claudia found extremely mortifying.

Claudia’s devastation was so great that she made a major, jaw-dropping announcement with her next tweet, an expression of her desire to seek legal emancipation from the guardianship of her parents.

The anguished daughter elaborated on the reasons for her desire for freedom in subsequent tweets while courting sympathy for her plight.

Claudia points to her mother’s role as Trump’s political consigliere as the source of much of her anguish, painting a highly unflattering portrait of a mother consumed with greed and a lust for power at the expense of her children.

While her father is at least one of the leaders of the Never-Trump GOP movement, Claudia does not spare him from her devastating analysis of her family’s dysfunctions.

Apparently, even a conservative opponent of Trump is still a conservative and beyond the full sympathies of the progressively-inclined daughter.

Rather than the cry of an emotionally immature teenager, Claudia Conway’s posts display a keen awareness of the impact of her social media presence.

Still, it was Claudia Conway’s last tweet of Sunday morning that has many people wondering what will happen next in the Conway family drama, with an accusation that will have many trying to decide whether her comments are an exaggerated product of teenage angst or a confession that should attract the attention of social services.

If nothing else, once Trump is out of office and Kellyanne Conway is contemplating her next move, Hollywood and a lucrative Conway family reality show deal are sure to be in the offing.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode and find out what consequences Claudia faces for her latest public confessional.

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