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Trump posts tweet claiming that he’s leading in polls that show Biden winning by a large margin

Trump posts tweet claiming that he’s leading in polls that show Biden winning by a large margin

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Send in “those nice young men in their clean white coats” because our delusional president, Donald Trump, should be getting ready for them coming to take him away sometime soon judging from his latest tweet.

After facing horrendous results in the lastest polls from even the friendliest of sycophantic media outlets, the president simply has decided to pretend that the numbers that every major polling organization has been reporting are simply not true, as if he can change reality with the simple force of his stating his belief in the opposite of what they have found.

Whatever Trump thinks and tweets at his right-wing media allies, the actual facts make his claim seem as out of touch with the popular sentiment as his policies have been.

Here’s a chart from polling aggregator that shows Trump trailing his Democratic opponent Joe Biden by double digits in the vast majority of major polls from the last four days and leading him in exactly none.

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Trump’s blind faith in his popularity in this nation implies a failure to accept reality that is generally an indication of either dementia or a level of self-delusion that renders him totally unfit for his sought re-election to the White House.

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The president’s foolish electoral bravado may stem from his unverified conviction that millions of “silent majority” Trump supporters are going uncounted by the major polling organizations.

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While each of these research organizations relies on a scientifically-balanced sample of the populace when conducting their polls, it is true that some people may feel such a stigma attached to being outed as a Trump supporter that they lie to the pollsters about their true voting intentions.

However, such a stigma delivers its own message about the toxicity of this president and why he’s even less likely to garner a popular mandate than he was before he demonstrated his total incompetence with his disastrous failure of a response to the COVID-19 pandemic in America, before his own sister denounced him as a “cruel” liar, and before the latest member of his 2016 campaign team was arrested for fraud.

In the end, America can let Donald Trump luxuriate in his delusional fantasies about actually being in a winning position in this election if that helps soothe his bruised ego, but only if we all turn out to vote in record numbers to repudiate his agenda of selfishness, evil, and fear.

Trump’s confidence may only be due to some unknown plan that he has to torpedo the Biden campaign in the weeks ahead, which is all the more reason for making sure that each and every one of us casts their ballot in the safest manner available in our state.

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