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Trump takes the Lord’s name in vain attempt to smear Democrats in Sunday tweets

Trump takes the Lord’s name in vain attempt to smear Democrats in Sunday tweets

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Watching Donald Trump’s behavior over the past three and a half years, one can discern just how sacred Sundays are to him.

It is the day that he almost always spends at least part of the day in communion with that phenomenon that begins with the letters “G” and “o”. That’s right Golf!

So it was a bit surprising on this Sunday when Trump posted two tweets in a row concerning the topic of the other word beginning with a “G” and associated with Sundays (at least in some creeds) — God.

The first was a slight modification of an insidious lie that Trump tried to peddle yesterday only to be rebutted with hard audio and video evidence of the audacious enormity of his obviously false pejorative claims.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted that Democrats had removed the words “under God” from the pledge during the broadcasts of the Democratic National Convention last week — words that were not part of the pledge until 1954 when Congress inserted them into the existing pledge at the urging of President Eisenhower during the height of the Cold War.

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After being ridiculed with video clips that show that Democrats did not omit the words when reciting the pledge on each night of the convention, Trump pivoted this morning to a narrower, if slightly less inaccurate, claim that the words were omitted  in “Two Democratic Caucus meetings.”

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While the new tweet may pass fact-checking muster — since fact-checking site Snopes finds that the words were left out of the pledge at two caucus meetings, the LGBTQ caucus meeting and the Muslim Delegates Assembly — it does not resolve the basic falsehood that Democrats are rejecting religion simply because their big tent includes atheists and other non-believers.

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After all, it takes a huge leap of the imagination to claim that Muslim delegates at the Democratic convention are opposed to God and religion.

God came up again in Trump’s next tweet which spoke of the spiritual realm on this sabbath day in terms as articulate as a football fan cheering his team on at a sports bar — a difficult thing to go back to hearing after a week of reminders that this nation was once headed by eloquent and intelligent people as the Democratic National Convention so amply jogged our memories.

By attaching a speech of himself speaking about the influence of Polish-born Pope John Paul II on the overthrow of communism in his home country, it’s difficult to argue that Trump isn’t setting himself up as the “god” that he wants everyone to want.

Such an idea would likely be prosecutable as blasphemy and sacrilege if Trump lived in Pakistan where he could be put to death for religious ideas that stray from the Islamic orthodoxy.

Still, Trump’s use of religion as a political cudgel has more in common with the Islamic hard-liners than with the diversity of modern American society where religious adherents have been an increasingly smaller segment of society.

That any American still believes that the president who rarely attends church outside of weddings and funerals and displays a morality that would offend the most devout Satanist has any kind of deeply-rooted religious conviction is difficult to swallow, but evangelicals inexplicably still form a good percentage of Trump’s base.

Any mention by Trump of the word “God” needs to be seen as the political pandering that it actually is rather than any declaration of conviction.

Speaking of convictions, make sure to vote this hypocrite out of office so that his crimes can be prosecuted and his conviction and incarceration shortly after he exits the White House can be widely celebrated.

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