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Ana Navarro and Ocasio-Cortez scorch Don Jr.’s girlfriend over her terrifyingly loud RNC speech

Ana Navarro and Ocasio-Cortez scorch Don Jr.’s girlfriend over her terrifyingly loud RNC speech

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The Republican National Convention kicked off yesterday and it’s already abundantly clear that the GOP has no vision for the future, nothing to offer the country beyond racial grievances, absurd fearmongering about an imagined looming Democratically-backed Communist revolution, and a cult of personality devoted to Donald Trump and whining about how unfairly he has supposedly been treated.

While much of the rhetoric bandied about yesterday was boilerplate MAGA rubbish devoid of any substance, there was one moment that really stood out. Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News personality who is currently dating Donald Trump Jr., decided for some reason to deliver her speech in a bizarrely loud voice, booming and screaming into an empty room. Clips of her deranged performance quickly proliferated throughout Twitter and even ended up on CNN, mocked by the likes of Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, a Republican operative and frequent critic of the Trump administration, was one of many voices to address Guilfoyle’s ridiculous speech today. During the Navarro segment, CNN played a clip of Guilfoyle, after which a man could be heard laughing somewhere in the background of the studio. Navarro wasted no time digging in.

“Listen. I kid you not I have a soundbar, you know stereo sound in my room and my dog was underneath my bed. Because it came across I think as somewhat unhinged, crazy, incredibly loud,” said Navarro. She quickly moved on from mocking the volume of Guilfoyle’s speech to shredding the content.

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“There was a part of her story where she spoke about her — you know about being a first-generation daughter of immigrants in America and then she talked about her Puerto Rican mom. She’s got an Irish father who she didn’t mention much but she went on to talk about her Puerto Rican mom. I think we all know Puerto Ricans are not immigrants to America,” said Navarro.

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“Puerto Ricans are American citizens from birth. She is a natural-born U.S. citizen. So you know… Look I just have one word to say: decaf,” Navarro concluded.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) also felt a need to call out Guilfoyle’s implication that Puerto Ricans aren’t really Americans. AOC took to Twitter and slammed the GOP for choosing Guilfoyle as their convention’s “‘proud’ Latina” to represent the “immigrant experience” despite the fact that she doesn’t seem to realize Puerto Rico is a part of the United States.

“It’s quite on message, bc it reflects their belief that Latinos aren’t real citizens, even when we are Native descendants,” added Ocasio-Cortez, cutting to the core of the problem with the manner in which Republicans frequently talk about Puerto Rico.

Guilfoyle would be well-advised to reflect long and hard on the manner in which she is tacitly aiding the bigotry swirling at the heart of the GOP. She’d also be well-advised, as Ana Navarro implied, to decrease her caffeine intake. We’ve only made it through day one of the RNC so far and already it seems likely hers will prove to be the most ludicrous and widely mocked speech.

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