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White Florida woman charged with child abuse for slapping Black child and calling him the N-word

White Florida woman charged with child abuse for slapping Black child and calling him the N-word

It’s always refreshing to see a bigot held legally accountable for one of their heinous displays of racism. According to The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, a white woman has been arrested for slapping an 11-year-old Black child across the face at a go-kart track this past weekend. The woman, 30-year-old Haley Erin Zager, also allegedly referred to the child by the n-word while recounting the incident to an employee of the establishment.

Zager was arrested for child abuse and is facing second-degree felony charges over the attack. Three employees of the go-kart track claim to have seen the assault occur. Police officers found a metallic container full of assorted pills hidden in her underwear and added drug possession charges to the incident. In 2018, Zager was suspected of aggravated domestic battery but in the end, prosecutors declined to move forward with the case. Clearly, this woman has violence issues.

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Zager told police that she only “tapped” the boy on the face and that she did it because he rammed into her cart from behind at “full speed” and then failed to apologize. The victim’s father says that his son rear-ended Zager because another car behind him rammed into several carts, propelling him forward.

“Tapped” appears to be a very charitable description of Zager’s attack, as the boy’s cheek ended up so swollen that paramedics who arrived administered an ice pack to reduce the swelling. In any case, the woman had absolutely no right to put her hands on a child.

According to the arrest report, Zager made her racial animus immediately clear after the assault. “That f*cking n***er hit me in the back,” she allegedly said to an employee. One witness stated that Zager referred to the child with the same racial slur several times while explaining what happened to another individual present.

Using the N-word at all is obviously a vile, inexcusable thing to do but using it to refer to a child is especially despicable. What kind of person walks around, ready to explode with such hatred on an innocent child? Thankfully, there were witnesses and it appears that Zager will be held accountable.

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This attack should serve as a potent reminder that we all have a responsibility to stay vigilant and confront racism wherever and whenever it appears. The racists are emboldened these days and they must be shamed back into hiding.

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