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Eric Trump absurdly argues that no American politician has “sacrificed” as much as Donald Trump

Eric Trump absurdly argues that no American politician has “sacrificed” as much as Donald Trump

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There should be little doubt in the minds of serious observers that Donald J. Trump will go down as the worst president in American history. We’ve had terrible leaders in the past to be sure, but none who managed to reach the levels of sheer unadulterated incompetence that our reality TV commander-in-chief has displayed over the past four years.

When Trump leaves office he will leave behind no real accomplishments and his legacy will consist of several grim pillars: the exacerbating of racial divisions, plutocratic handouts to the super-wealthy, a complete failure to confront the looming existential threat of climate change, a tragic botching of the federal response to a deadly pandemic, and a top-to-bottom shredding of America’s global reputation.

Despite the inarguably disastrous nature of his tenure as president, Trump and his surrogates continue to insist that he is one of the greatest presidents to ever live, with some of his media shills going so far as to call him the greatest ever. Mixed in with this absurd lionization is a deeply thrumming victimhood complex. Trump says he’s been treated unfairly and his MAGA maniacs have eagerly embraced this martyrdom narrative.

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Yesterday, the president’s attorney Rudy Giuliani released a conversation with Eric Trump, the president’s buffoonish son. Always one to happily engage in bad faith smears of his father’s opponent, Eric lambasted Democratic nominee Joe Biden for a minor misspeaking gaffe. He whined that if he were to make such mistakes he would be “ridiculed” mercilessly for it which, while true, doesn’t tell the whole story. Men like Eric aren’t mocked for simply misspeaking, they’re mocked because they are wholly ludicrous individuals who spend their time shamelessly praising a grotesque, ignorant president.

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Eric then pivoted to reassuring Giuliani’s audience that his father will win reelection, that the Trump family loves America (despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary), and ended with a truly laughable claim about where President Trump fits into the broader American political pantheon.

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“There’s probably no politician in United States history who’s made a greater sacrifice than my father in a lot of ways,” said Eric with a straight face, ignoring the countless dollars that have flowed into his father’s business coffers from foreign governments since he assumed office, the immense power he has accumulated for himself and his family, and the deranged cult that has formed around him.

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Once again, Eric Trump has given us good reason to mock him.

Understandably, many Twitter users responded with incredulity.

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