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Rand Paul sparks mockery after complaining that he was “attacked” by hecklers after RNC

Rand Paul sparks mockery after complaining that he was “attacked” by hecklers after RNC

Last night, several prominent Republicans were confronted with protestors as they left the Republican National Convention.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), the man who singlehandedly held up a coronavirus relief bill so he could grandstand and has been a prominent defender of the president’s disastrous coronavirus response, found himself surrounded by angry citizens who took the opportunity to let him know how they felt about Paul’s attendance at the fascistic and egomaniacal spectacle the president held at the White House (in violation of federal law, we might add) last night.

You can see from the video that nothing happened to Senator Paul except some minor heckling and verbal harassment. Of course, Senator don’t-tread-on-me-I’m-a-LIBERTARIAN hid behind a phalanx of cops and then whined on Twitter that he had been attacked! by the unwashed mob who dared to make him, a United States Senator, feel some kind of discomfort and insecurity.

The true crime they committed, in his eyes, is feeding the existential fear that all rich and powerful politicians nurse in the back of their minds: the fear that someday, they might have to face actual consequences for the nihilistically cruel political decisions they make on behalf of the oligarch class and the suffering that those decisions heap upon the lower classes.

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It is deeply ironic that someone who justifies his plutocratic ideology with laughably empty appeals to personal responsibility so upset at the idea of having to take some responsibility for himself.

Being catcalled and shouted at by the people whose lives are affected by your votes is our right in a society of free men, and if Rand Paul doesn’t like it, maybe he shouldn’t spend every vote trying to destroy the social safety net and funnel every last taxpayer dollar into the pockets of the wealthiest Americans.

Real violence is Rand Paul and his fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate refusing to spend any money to bail out the 40 million Americans facing eviction on September 1st after blowing a trillion-dollar hole in the budget with tax cuts for the rich.

Of course, it’s understandable that Rand Paul might be fearful of anything resembling a physical confrontation after his neighbor broke of his six ribs in a hilarious altercation over yard care.

Social media users were quick to roast the Senator for his weepy mewling about being “attacked.”

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