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State Attorney joins Morning Joe and destroys Kenosha killer’s absurd “self-defense” claims

State Attorney joins Morning Joe and destroys Kenosha killer’s absurd “self-defense” claims

Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois wannabe-cop teenager who killed two people and wounded one more while playing vigilante militiaman during last week’s protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, somehow has the nerve to try to claim that the shootings were done in self-defense.

The idea that you can shoot someone in self-defense because you are forced to defend yourself after you’ve already shot someone is absolutely ridiculous, especially considering all the trouble that Rittenhouse went to put himself in the position to be able to shoot someone.

Palm Beach County state attorney articulated the huge holes in Rittenhouse’s defense in legal terms on this morning’s episode of Morning Joe, outlining

“His lawyers are setting up for a self-defense claim,” Aronberg said. “Keep in mind he was the one that put the night of violence in motion. He was the one that traveled across state lines as a 17-year-old, to possess a weapon he was not allowed to possess, to stand guard outside a used car lot that no one asked him to stand guard at.

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So he was the initial aggressor, and under the initial aggressor doctrine, he’s not allowed self-defense unless he makes it clear he’s abandoning the fight or others come at him using excessive force, and according to videos doesn’t look like either of those claims hold water. Because the first person that he shot didn’t have a weapon. The second person he shot and killed came at him with a skateboard. The lawyers will say a guy wielding a skateboard could be dangerous. You tell that to a jury that Rittenhouse, who had an AR-15, was in reasonable fear of his life from a guy with a skateboard.”

Aronberg thought the first-degree murder charge was a little overambitious but went on to explain that Rittenhouse is still in deep trouble.

“I think the first-degree murder charges here may need to be dropped down to second-degree murder or manslaughter because I don’t know if the elements are there…But he could face 60 years in prison instead of life, so it’s still essentially life. Another thing we need to be concerned about, what kind of message does this send to young people, when you hold this guy up to be a hero. There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars being raised for his defense fund. Well, that encourages other vigilantes to go into conflict zones and possibly take other lives knowing they too could be a hero on the far right. That puts everyone at risk.”

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It is absolutely disgusting to see the right-wing flock to this murderous man’s defense and declare him to be a hero, and it is imperative that the state of Wisconsin brings down the hammer on Rittenhouse lest they send a signal to the rest of the nation that you can get away with murdering protesters as long as you claim it’s “self-defense.”

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