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Trump defends right-wing Kenosha killer at White House presser

Trump defends right-wing Kenosha killer at White House presser

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He went there.

After holding a press briefing this afternoon — ostensibly an update on the administration’s efforts against the coronavirus pandemic — where he spent the majority of his time lambasting Joe Biden and “Democrat-run cities” for the violence that has broken out on his own watch, Trump went beyond the rabble-rousing encouragement of his violent right-wing brownshirt equivalents to the actual excusing of the murder of two people by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week.

Trump began by providing a one-sided partisan interpretation of the primary causes and instigation of the wave of violence that has followed police murders of unarmed Black Americans.

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Trump is doubling down on his fear-mongering with each new poll that shows him trailing Joe Biden.

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By reaching deep into the fascist playbook pioneered by Adolph Hitler in 1930s Germany, the president is laying the groundwork for a massive security effort that will likely target his political opponents or at least satiate his base’s appetite for liberal tears.

Trump continues to speak as if the violence that is taking place was happening during the administration of some other president from the Democratic party, despite the fact that he is the one ostensibly in control of the levers of power and by rights should accept all of the responsibility of what happens during his watch.

Instead, he simply assigned blame to those who lack the power to even pass a bill successfully without the cooperation of the GOP controlled Senate and play at political culture wars.

The number of outright lies that Trump spews anytime he opens his mouth is no longer surprising, but they eat away at the souls of those who believe that our democracy is worth defending.

It was only when the Q & A session with reporters at the end of the presser came around that Trump was forced to display the full measure of his hypocrisy, excusing and justifying Kyle Rittenhouse’s murderous actions while condemning the considerably less-lethal actions taken by the protestors whom the heavily-armed out-of-state teen killed.

Trump has sunk to a new low that is even more reprehensible than even his most fervent detractors could have imagined him reaching despite all the evidence of what he is capable.

How anyone can still support this man is one of the greatest mysteries of the 21st century to date.

He must be defeated by an overwhelming margin before this country can even begin to start a long recovery process that may take a decade or more to complete.

You can jump-start the process by doing everything you can to make sure that Joe Biden — and not this infernal monster of megalomania and narcissism — becomes our next president.

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