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Racist bully beats Black child senseless for saying “Black is beautiful”

Racist bully beats Black child senseless for saying “Black is beautiful”

That the sins of the parents are passed along to their children is an unfortunate fact in the dissemination of racist attitudes in the United States.

The latest example of this phenomenon comes from Kansas where 11-year-old Nevaeh Thomas was playing with her friends near her school at a local apartment complex’s pool in Shawnee when an older boy began harassing her with taunting racial slurs.

Ms. Thomas was apparently well-raised by her parents to be able to handle racially-motivated insults like those that her 12-year-old antagonist was aiming her way.

She reportedly told him “my Black is beautiful” before the boy allegedly proceeded to hit her with a pole, knocking her unconscious, breaking her tooth, and giving her a concussion in the process, an act that required multiple stitches on both the inside and outside of Thomas’ cheek.

Blair Murphy, a neighbor who runs a daycare center near the apartment complex, reflected the anger of local residents when she said:

“That poor little girl didn’t do anything and now she’s been hospitalized and beaten and for what? Because she’s Black?”

According to Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe, the young assailant would be charged with felonious aggravated battery for the attack and may be subject to hate crime charges in the juvenile court system.

You can watch a local news report on the incident from the local Kansas City Fox affiliate below.

The entire incident leads one to wonder about the type of environment the unnamed minor who perpetrated this violence is growing up within.

One can only imagine that he picked up his racist vocabulary and attitudes, as well as his propensity for violence, from his family and friends, but ultimately it is the rise of Donald Trump and the subsequent destigmatization of blatant racism under his own white supremacist reign that has enabled this type of increasingly overt bigotry.

Vote him out!!!!

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Original reporting by Jessica Eley at WDAF-TV.

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