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Reporters are left stunned by Trump’s “people in dark shadows” comments: “It’s almost too stupid to fact-check”

Reporters are left stunned by Trump’s “people in dark shadows” comments: “It’s almost too stupid to fact-check”

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Last night, President Trump pushed conspiracy theories so mind-bogglingly crazy that the fact-checkers have been left stunned by his audacity.

During an interview with white supremacist FOX host Laura Ingraham last night, Trump dove into the realm of preposterous conspiracy theory and claimed that “we had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend, and in the plane it was almost completely loaded with thugs, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms, with gear and this and that.”

When Ingraham asked him for any kind of details about the obviously fictitious flight, he merely replied with “I’ll tell you sometime.”

Later on in the interview, he claimed that “people that are in the dark shadows” and “people you haven’t heard of” are “pulling the strings” for Joe Biden, obviously blowing a dog-whistle to the fanatical followers of the QAnon conspiracy, who believe that George Soros and the rest of the “deep state” are part of a pedophilic child trafficking cult and conspiring to steal the presidency from Donald Trump, the only man with the courage to confront them.

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It goes without saying that Daniel Dale, the tireless reporter who has spent four long years live-tweeting Trump events and fact-checking them, is no stranger to the president’s dabbling with insanity. But even he was taken aback by the breathtaking nonsense the president was spewing on national television last night.

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“It’s almost too stupid to fact-check!” exclaimed Daniel Dale in while appearing on CNN with Jake Tapper. “When you have FOX’s Laura Ingraham telling you that it’s a conspiracy theory, it’s probably a conspiracy theory!”

Watch the discussion here:

Indeed, it is almost too stupid to fact check. But the issue remains that the president is continuing to repeat these insane conspiracy theories deliberately targeted at his fanatical QAnon followers, who have lost all conception of truth and fiction and decided to interpret the events of the world in their own way, no matter how divorced from reality that might be — and as the president continues to promote these ideas, more and more people will be lost in his lies.

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