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Trump compares the police officer shooting Jacob Blake 7 times to golfers missing a putt

Trump compares the police officer shooting Jacob Blake 7 times to golfers missing a putt

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Last night, the president of the United States gave an absolutely insane interview to FOX’s white supremacist host Laura Ingraham that began with him falsely claiming that “Portland has been burning for decades” and then going straight downhill from there on out.

In between promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about “planes full of thugs” and “shadow people,” Trump insinuated that Sen. Cory Booker, who is Black, is going to flood the suburbs with “low income people,” a wildly racist dog-whistle to white suburban people who fled the cities in order to not have to live near Black Americans or witness the destructive effects of centuries of systematic oppression and economic disenfranchisement on urban Black communities.

But the worst clip of all shows the President comparing the police officers who put 7 bullets into the back of Jacob Blake, nearly killing him, to golfers who missed their putts. While Ingraham failed to challenge anything the president said, even she recognized just how offensive the comparison was and quickly cut him off.

“The police are under siege, because of things, they can do 10,000 great acts, and one bad apple OR! a choker, a choker, they choke, shooting a guy in the back many times, couldn’t you have done something different? couldn’t yew aav wrrrrestled ‘im? in the mean time they might have been going for a weapon, there was a whole big thing there, but they choke! just like, in a golf tournament, they miss a three foot” slurs the President — at which point Ingraham interrupts and tells him that he’s not comparing it to golf, because the media would criticize him for it.

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It is so telling that the only metaphor the president can come up with is related to golf, which is the thing he’s spent most of his presidency doing while the country goes to hell in a handbasket behind him.

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But the most meaningful tidbit he had to offer America during this interview was his plans for Black Americans during his second term:

More racist dog-whistling. More demonization of any Black public figure who dares to criticize him. More bigoted dismissal of “shithole countries” and the people that live in them. More fanatical support for the police forces that have killed over 750 Americans in just 235 days this year. More gutting of the social safety net that millions of Americans rely on to get by as tax cuts funnel the nation’s wealth up to the very richest.

That’s what we all have to look forward to over the next four years if Trump wins again.

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