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Trump pushes wild, baseless conspiracy theory that “planes of thugs” are flying to cities to cause chaos

Trump pushes wild, baseless conspiracy theory that “planes of thugs” are flying to cities to cause chaos

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For weeks now, the president has been relentlessly fearmongering about the Black Lives Matter protesters and wringing his hands incessantly over the property damage that has followed in the wake of incessant police shootings of Black Americans. Using the violence as an excuse to blame the Democratic politicians who control the city councils and mayor’s offices of major cities (who, it must be said, have completely failed to rein in their outrageously violent police forces), he somehow is trying to make the argument that if he doesn’t get elected, the chaos will continue despite him already having been elected and not lifting a finger to address the root causes of the riots.

Last night, the President took his propagandizing a step further during an interview with white nationalist FOX host Laura Ingraham. Trump dove into the realm of preposterous conspiracy theory, claiming that “we had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend, and in the plane it was almost completely loaded with thugs, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms, with gear and this and that.”

When Ingraham asked him for any kind of details about the obviously fictitious flight, he merely replied with “I’ll tell you sometime.”

Later on in the interview, he claimed that “people that are in the dark shadows” and “people you haven’t heard of” are “pulling the strings” for Joe Biden, obviously blowing a dog-whistle to the fanatical followers of the QAnon conspiracy, who believe that George Soros and the rest of the “deep state” are part of a pedophilic child trafficking cult and conspiring to steal the presidency from Donald Trump, the only man with the courage to confront them.

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Unsurprisingly, reporters were able to trace the “plane loaded with thugs” idea to a months-old Facebook conspiracy theory by some random boomer from Idaho that went viral after being picked up by militia Facebook pages.

It goes without saying that it is both terrifying and appalling to see the President of the United States pushing these kinds of dangerous and frankly anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to his fans, many of whom are so far beyond the realm of reason that reality and facts are utterly meaningless for them.

By continuing to fuel the narrative that “Democratic” antifa groups and anarchists are threatening American communities out of sheer spite, he is encouraging retaliatory violence against them — as we saw yesterday when he refused to condemn the Kyle Rittenhouse, the militiaman who killed two protesters and wounded a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The biggest threat to stability in the United States is Donald Trump, who is doing everything he can to ensure that the wedge between left and right in the United States is driven so deeply that it is irreparable just to preserve his own selfish ambitions and protect himself from the shame of being a loser.

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