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Hilariously out-of-touch Don Jr. dogpiled for implying 82% of Americans make over $400,000

Hilariously out-of-touch Don Jr. dogpiled for implying 82% of Americans make over $400,000

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Donald Trump Jr. has become one of his father’s most vociferous social media surrogates during the 2020 presidential campaign by emulating his dad’s commitment to the enormous and easily fact-checked lie as his weapon of choice, at least when he’s not out hunting endangered species for sport.

Don Jr. was at it again today with a whopper of a false accusation against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden that stretched the boundaries of truth — and mathematics — beyond any expectations of being taken seriously by any human with an iota of intelligence.

To properly vet this tweet, one must remember that Donald Trump Sr. and his GOP cronies slashed taxes for the richest Americans in the recent Republican tax cut after Trump took office, setting up a massive federal deficit that they are now likely to use as an excuse to cut so-called entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, part of the Republican party’s long-cherished goal of returning America to the excesses of inequality found in the oligarch-driven 19th-century gilded age.

While no one likes to pay taxes, the fact that they fund a range of government services from infrastructure to education to protective services like national defense, fire fighting, and public order seems to escape those who seek to use antipathy towards taxation as an attractive bauble to dangle in front of voters.

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It’s easy, therefore, for Trump Jr. to fear-monger by claiming that a Biden victory would lead to a tax increase on 82% of Americans.

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The only obstacle is that Junior’s claims are completely and utterly false.

The Biden tax plan calls for rescinding the irresponsible Republican tax legislation and raising taxes on households making over $400,000 per year.

If Don Jr. thinks that 82% of American households earn more than $400,000 per year, then he is even more disconnected from the lives of everyday Americans than his own gilded lifestyle indicates.

Only about 1% of American households command that lofty income level, according to a recent Bloomberg analysis.

Naturally, Trump Jr. is expecting that the unquestioning members of the president’s base that he is targeting with his lies won’t — or can’t — check his math.

Twitter denizens, however, were much more diligent with their fact-checking.

Looks like Republicans will have to cut public education budgets by a lot more before enough people are stupid enough to buy their lies to ensure a Donald Trump victory.

Vote Trump and his enablers out of office before they take that next step.

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