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Trump calls for Chris Cuomo’s firing after bad-faith Tucker Carlson smear

Trump calls for Chris Cuomo’s firing after bad-faith Tucker Carlson smear

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On Wednesday morning, President Trump took to Twitter to gleefully trash CNN’s Chris Cuomo and call for his firing over…disrespect to women.

Last night, FOX white supremacist anchor Tucker Carlson — who himself faces serious allegations of sexual harassment — aired a secretly recorded video that showed Chris Cuomo speaking with someone, allegedly Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, about how the media is untrustworthy and is used to promote false accusations against people.

“I’m always careful when I talk to media. Do you know how many f***ing phone calls I’ve gotten from people at ABC that reporters are calling and lying about things they heard about me to try and get stories about me from when I was at ABC?” says a voice who Tucker alleges is Cuomo.”They’re calling and saying, ‘I heard he was the Charlie Rose of ABC, that he used to invite women to the hotel and open his bathrobe.’ Do I look like the kind of f*cking guy whose gotta do that?”

Another portion of the video has “Cuomo” pretending to be a media person, saying: “‘I already have a good source that says that he forced one woman to have sex, I just want to know if you’ve heard anything like that.'”

Cuomo responds as himself. “There is no woman! There is nothing like that. Women who do work there saying, ‘Oh yeah, you know, some of these guys,’ naming me with other people ‘Yeah we bumped into each other once on an elevator and he put his hand on my shoulder and it made me really uncomfortable.’ I mean, what the f*ck?”

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While obviously it’s not a great look for Cuomo — if it really is him — it also isn’t the damning bOmBsHell the right-wing is making it out to be and we’re gonna need more to work with than just this video.

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Carlson and the entire right-wing media machine immediately began doing their obviously insincere bad-faith pearl-clutching shock and horror over the rather tame video, treating it as an admission that Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment when the video shows nothing of the sort entirely.

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Of course, things like facts mean absolutely nothing to Trump, Carlson, and their goose-stepping army of honking jackals, who all leapt at the opportunity to smear one of the president’s critics.

Trump himself had the shameless audacity to complain about Cuomo’s “great disrespect about women” and called him a “sleazebag” in a Tweet, demanding that he be fired.

Donald Trump has referred to women as “fat pigs, “horse face,” lowlife,” and “dogs,” is on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women, and has been accused of sexual harassment or assault by over 20 different women. Tucker Carlson tried to get one of his guests to go back to his hotel room with him and then allegedly retaliated against her when she refused. 

The stunning hypocrisy in their attacks against Chris Cuomo is a clear-cut example of how the right-wing operates in perpetual bad faith and should never be taken seriously in any capacity. They spend the majority of their energy incessantly waging a war against feminism and #MeToo on behalf of religious social patriarchy and white supremacy, intent on keeping women as docile, barefoot and pregnant sexual objects with little personal agency.

While they ferociously attack, slut-shame, and instigate violent threats against the women who level accusations at right-wing predators, they will cry crocodile tears and become the world’s most stalwart defenders of women the minute they have the chance to smear someone on “the left.”

Tucker Carlson once claimed that “feminism is fake and only cares about power,” though, in reality, he was projecting the entire right-wing value system on to his ideological enemies.

Conservatism is fake and only cares about power; that’s why “fiscal responsibility Republicans” are blowing huge holes in the deficit, “small government Republicans” are dictating whether or not the women of this country can choose what happens to their bodies, why “pro-life” Republicans support the death penalty and the unending slaughter of innocents around the world, why “family values” Republicans are grabbing women’s genitals, forcing their mistresses to have abortions and tear immigrant children away from their parents.

It is all about power, nothing else — and the sooner we recognize this, the sooner we might be able to wrest some of it back from these nihilistic psychos.

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