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Trump claims Biden will “obliterate” life, religion, jobs and the economy in unhinged response to Kennedy loss

Trump claims Biden will “obliterate” life, religion, jobs and the economy in unhinged response to Kennedy loss

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Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) won a highly watched Democratic primary yesterday for his Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat against the latest member of the Kennedy clan with ambitions for higher office, Representative Joseph Kennedy III (D-MA), with progressive support largely credited as helping him fend off the high profile primary challenge.

As co-sponsor of the Green New Deal program with Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Senator Markey attributed his win to the votes of millennials who will be forced to face the effects of climate change for a much longer period than his older constituents will.

“Tonight’s victory is a tribute to those young people,” Senator Markey said, promising that “the age of incrementalism is over.”

After news of Markey’s victory over Kennedy — a candidate who enjoyed the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — Donald Trump took to Twitter to offer his own version of political analysis of the primary results, spinning the news to fit his own electoral agenda.

Trump’s comments fit his campaign strategy of falsely painting Democrats as socialist radicals who will destroy all that America once was — as if his own tenure hasn’t accomplished significant strides towards that goal, as recent history amply proves.

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Trump did debut a new nickname for his Democratic presidential opponent, however.

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Gone from this particular tweet is his old reliable sobriquet for Biden, Sleepy Joe.

In its place, Trump tries out “Joe Hiden’,” an apparent reference to his opponent’s dearth of coronavirus super-spreader events on the campaign trail compared to the president’s own Typhoid Mary tour of battleground swing states.

Trump seems to abandon his accusation that Biden personally holds views that are part of a vast socialist conspiracy to redistribute the wealth that the GOP handed to the ultra-wealthy in their last tax bill in favor of arguing that he is too weak to hold back the overwhelming progressive forces in the Democratic party.

The list of aspects of American life that Trump claims will be destroyed under a Democratic administration includes several items that have already been significantly obliterated by his own administration and its incompetent bungling of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the lives of over 184,866 people who died from the disease, the jobs of 31 million people currently receiving unemployment benefits, and an economy that slipped over 30% in the last quarter.

Trump’s characterization of Democratic calls for sensible gun regulations as an attack on 2nd Amendment rights puts him out of step with the 66% of Americans who support stricter gun laws, while his attack on Democratic positions on environmental regulations in the midst of a life-altering climate crisis already causing wildfires, massive hurricanes, and rising sea levels go against the 67% of Americans who support reducing the effects of climate change.

None of Trump’s scare tactics in this tweet can match his most ludicrously and exaggeratedly false prediction — that life itself will be “totally obliterated” if he is not re-elected.

Perhaps psychologists could trace Trump’s psychological pathologies to a lack of maternal affection in his childhood.

It’s clearly apparent that this president’s mother never read him the fairy tale of the boy who cried wolf, or if she did, that the moral of the story was never properly explained to him.

Ignore Trump’s lies and elect Joe Biden as our next president. Unlike what the current president says, Life, 2nd A, Energy, Religion, Jobs, and the Economy, would be totally liberated…or at least unshackled from Trump’s incompetence and malfeasance.

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