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Governor Cuomo takes Trump to the woodshed after he claims he can win New York this election

Governor Cuomo takes Trump to the woodshed after he claims he can win New York this election

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At times it can be difficult to separate Trump’s bluster from his delusions. Sometimes he’ll say things he knows to be untrue in an effort to exude confidence and other times he truly believes his own hype. His laughable claim last month that he has a chance of winning New York this election could easily fit into either category. After all, he lost his home state by 22 points in 2016 and the past four years of incompetent, disastrous Republican rule are unlikely to shift the solidly blue state red.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo took to Twitter today to take his latest swing at our reviled president and mocked Trump’s claim that he can win New York. Cuomo said that “Trump can’t bully New Yorkers” and pointed out that the people most familiar with Donald Trump the man are often those who dislike him the most. He brought up the recently leaked tapes of the president’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry on which she says that you cannot trust her brother.

“Want to bet?” Cuomo wrote, regarding Trump’s claim he can win New York state.

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From there, the governor pivoted to criticizing Trump’s historically terrible handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuomo called it a “disgrace.” He said that if the war against the virus were an actual war, Commander-in-Chief Trump would be “court-martialed for abandoning his post and aiding the enemy,” an apt comparison given the president’s early dismissal of coronavirus concerns as a Democratic “hoax” and his consistent downplaying of the associated risks.

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Cuomo then compared the 1,074 Americans who died from COVID-19 yesterday to the 6 citizens who died in Italy, the 8 in Germany, and the 25 in France. Clearly, the United States has badly botched this crisis and the blame lies squares at the feet of the president. He should have cared more and he should have done more.

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“Trump’s incompetence causes American deaths,” Cuomo concluded and it’s really as simple as that. Voting for Trump this November is voting to give him the chance to cause more needless death and destruction.

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