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FOX News shatters Trump’s “it’s fake news” defense, confirms his insults to dead war vets

FOX News shatters Trump’s “it’s fake news” defense, confirms his insults to dead war vets

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While the president has spent the past eighteen hours whinging about how the extremely believable allegations that he insulted America’s dead combat veterans as “suckers” and “losers” are nothing but fake news, he’s now put in an extremely uncomfortable position now that the accusations laid out by Jeffery Goldberg at the Atlantic have been confirmed by the Republican Party’s biggest propaganda outlet — FOX News.

FOX News’ national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin has spoken to the former Trump admin officials involved and confirms that the president referred to the Vietnam War as a “stupid war” (which it was) and that anyone who went was a “sucker” (they were not), and did not want to visit the war dead at Aisne-Marne Cemetary.

In addition, the official confirms that sociopathic Trump was unable to understand why anyone would do anything that wasn’t for their personal profit and didn’t want his 4th of July military parade to include any “wounded guys,” because it wasn’t a “good look.”

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And of course, even more confirmation that Trump just “hated” John McCain.

While it’s not the public primary source confirmation that we all wanted, it is a huge development for FOX News to independently confirm these allegations against the President. While the rest of us already know that Donald Trump is one of the most pathologically selfish men to ever walk the planet and has nothing but cynical disdain for the sacrifices America’s young men were forced to make in the Vietnam War, it’s too easy for Trump to just wave away all the allegations as “fake news.”

It’s a little harder to do when it’s FOX News itself doing the confirming. While everyone at FOX News not named Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, or Laura Ingraham might be on Trump’s FAKE NEWS list, his fans have spent the past two decades fervently watching FOX, and it’s not going to be quite as easy to just wave it away this time.

At this point, it feels like nothing could really break the spell that Trump seems to hold over his most devoted followers; but these are serious allegations that strike deep at one of the ideological pillars of Republicanism — fanatical jingoistic troop worship — and could be the tipping point for people on the fence come November.

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