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Trump goes ballistic on Fox News reporter after she confirms his anti-military comments on air

Trump goes ballistic on Fox News reporter after she confirms his anti-military comments on air

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In a furious tweet last night, Donald Trump called for Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin to be fired after she confirmed that some of the details of The Atlantic’s blockbuster revelations about the president’s massively offensive comments referring to slain American service members as “losers” and “suckers.”

Retweeting an article from that bastion of right-wing reactionary thought, Breitbart News, Trump crowed that Griffin did not confirm the most damaging comments that he was alleged to have made about our fallen troops and cited the refutation of some of the details by a few of his supporters who were witnesses to the events in question.

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Trump’s all-out attack on the Fox News national security correspondent comes after she reported that she had confirmed the essential details of Trump’s conversation saying that those who had served in the Vietnam War were “stupid” and that anyone who fought in the war was a “sucker.”

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Considering that it is widely known that Trump managed to escape his patriotic duty to serve in the military — at a time when young citizens from across the country were forced to go to war while the military draft was in full effect — by getting an acquiescent doctor to certify that the supposed bone spurs in his foot would disqualify him from serving, these alleged comments — fully believable due to their consistency with the president’s previously recorded statements and behaviors — created a furor of negative reactions from across the political spectrum.

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Specifically, Griffin said that a former Trump administration official told her that the president “was not in a good mood” during his trip to France in 2018 for the centenary of the end of World War I and “questioned why he had to go to two cemeteries.”

“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers,” Trump allegedly told his aides before canceling his trip to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, allegedly concerned that the rainy weather would ruin his carefully coiffed hair.

The Fox News reporter also confirmed the battle that Trump waged against lowering the White House flags to half-mast when Arizona Senator John McCain, a major critic of the president within his own party, passed away later that year.

Last night’s tweet continues Trump’s efforts to combat the damaging publicity that has resulted from the fallout over his alleged remarks.

Trump spoke to reporters about the accusations at Joint Base Andrews after a campaign stop in Pennsylvania Thursday evening, denying having made the comments and calling them politically motivated.

“If they really exist, if people really exist that would have said that, they’re lowlifes and they’re liars. And I would be willing to swear on anything that I never said that about our fallen heroes. There is nobody that respects them more.”

The magnitude of the fear that this latest controversy will harm Trump in his re-election efforts is demonstrated by the lengths to which he is trying to denigrate his accusers — and, in Griffin’s case, have her fired from her Fox News position — and change the conversation with other outrageous distractions like his decree ending racial sensitivity training at federal agencies as “a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue.”

Hopefully, Trump’s disgraceful, self-centered attitude towards the military will ensure his defeat at the polls in November.

The big question is can this nation last that long with Trump still at the helm and avoid irreparable damage to the fabric of our society.

If only Republican politicians had the cojones to put an end to this shameful regime and force his resignation under threat of a new impeachment effort.

With that idea a distant fantasy, we must work to build an overwhelming victory for Joe Biden that cannot be denied by Trump’s attempts at fixing the election in his own favor.

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Original reporting by Tal Axelrod at The Hill.

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