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Trump Labor Day tweet roundup — A deluge of political opportunism and invective

Trump Labor Day tweet roundup — A deluge of political opportunism and invective

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The only labor being done at the White House this morning was on social media where Donald Trump weighed in with his typically offensive, arrogant, and mendacious tweets in a deluge of political opportunism and invective.

With much of the president’s herculean propaganda efforts issued in the form of retweets of posts from his son Don Jr. and other Trumpian surrogates, some of his earliest retweets of the day wound up making even less sense than usual because whatever content they contained became unavailable after the account of the original poster of the material Trump was commenting approvingly on was suspended, likely due to the violation of Twitter’s terms of service.

Stripped of their context, the posts only demonstrated how much Trump continues to break the norms of civilized society with his propagation of the vilest content that his most deplorable followers generate.

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The president followed these now mysterious comments with an original tweet that made one wonder exactly who he thinks is grading his performance in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and how those evaluators could be so blindly off the mark.

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On a roll now, the president fired off a rapid series of posts alternating between attacks on his political opponents and phony claims about his stewardship of the severely damaged pandemic economy.

Trump’s continued lack of understanding of how tariffs work, indeed of how government works, should alone disqualify him from a second term in the presidency. It is amazing how conveniently he forgets about the cozy relationship he had with Chinese President Xi Jinping that awarded him and his daughter Ivanka all those trademarks.

It takes an enormous arrogance for someone with Trump’s record during the pandemic to accuse his opponent of underperforming.

If once measures deaths and economic misery for the American people, no one would ever accuse the current president of underperforming, that’s for sure.

Perhaps, but the nation still has a higher unemployment rate than during the last Republican economic meltdown under George W. Bush due to the massive surge of joblessness during the first months of the pandemic.  Those currently without resources likely won’t be fooled by Trump’s selective statistics.

Is the picture that the president wants the public to get that he is trying to shift the blame for unrest from the massive outpouring of rage toward police killings of unarmed citizens to his democratic opponents?

If so, that picture of shirking responsibility to others is quite clear.

As much as one might find it hard to disagree with Trump’s assessment of his former National Security Advisor’s personality, the president’s retrospective claim of sarcasm is as hard to swallow as any of his other excuses.

Trump was so obviously pleased with his labors over his Twitter keyboard that he retweeted his own posts multiple times before issuing this gem.

In a tweet packed chock-a-block with lies and misinformation, Trump’s financial prophesy seems aimed exclusively at convincing middle-class America that tax increases will actually apply to them instead of just families earning over $400,000 per year, as Biden has proposed.

Trump still had one more point he wanted to make before he took a break from laboring over his public image.

He retweeted a Breitbart News story defending him in the scandal over his disparaging remarks concerning America’s military with a denial of the alleged comments by one of former chief of staff John Kelly’s aides.

Sorry, but Kelly’s continued silence when he could easily refute the politically damaging stories about the president himself speaks much more loudly than any claims by one of his underlings, but nice try.

Yes, Trump put an exhaustive amount of work into his Labor Day tweets, It’s too bad that it all amounts to little when it comes to the job he should be doing as president.

Hopefully, we will soon elect a president who is more focused on solving the nation’s myriad of urgent problems than burnishing his social media profile and rid the nation of this White House scourge.

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