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WAP vs. GOP: Cardi B. & Black Trump supporter Candace Owens heat it up in wild Twitter beef

WAP vs. GOP: Cardi B. & Black Trump supporter Candace Owens heat it up in wild Twitter beef

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It was WAP versus GOP when Bronx-born hip hop superstar Cardi B and noted Africa American Trump supporter and right-wing agitator Candace Owens engaged in an extended Twitter feud yesterday.

The battle of words started after Owens called the deliriously popular rapper “illiterate” while commenting on the interview that Cardi B conducted with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for Elle magazine.

During a conversation with alt-right media hustler Ben Shapiro, Owens referred to the music superstar’s interview with Biden as “demeaning… pandering [and] ridiculous” and accused Cardi B of contributing “to the disintegration of black culture and values.”

Anyone who is familiar with Cardi B knows how outspoken she is and how little patience she has for disses from sanctimonious conservative prisses.

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She responded to Owens’ tweet with post that explained that she was using her fame to support Biden because Donald Trump’s cultural promotion of bigotry, white supremacism, and anti-LGBTQ policies exacerbated America’s racial and gender-based prejudices.

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Owens refused to let Cardi B have the last word and continued the tweet battle with a response that expressed her lack of comprehension of the rapper’s logic, delivered in a highly sarcastic, condescending tone.

The gloves were off after that post, so Cardi B hit back with a tweet that called out Owens’ role as a token African American Trump supporter being manipulated by the president and expressed her disdainful pity for the aspiring political climber.

As a performer who leveraged multiple social media platforms as part of her rise to fame, it wasn’t surprising that Cardi moved the debate from the character-limited confines of Twitter to the more audio/video-oriented Instagram platform with her next contribution to the political dialogue.

That the entire video was a closeup of her hand and a towel focused the viewers’ attention on her words.


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@candiceowens you want your clout here ! Leave me alone

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib) on

Owens responded to the Instagram post by leaping platforms herself to insult the musical sensation by calling her “uneducated when it came to politics,” perhaps a polite way of saying that she thought the rapper was a dumb bimbo.

The last word in this epic social media confrontation — so far, at least — goes to Cardi B, who delved into Candace Owens’ Twitter history to demonstrate that the right-wing shill was not always so disenchanted with the politically outspoken performer.

If nothing else, this latest social media confrontation demonstrates the viability of a new political reality/talk show format featuring social activist musicians debating reactionary Republican enablers.

It could just be the answer the nation needs to get the younger demographics more involved in a political system that will determine how their lives are lived on the future with the direction of cultural, economic, and social justice issues all to be determined by the outcome of November elections.

If Cardi B can leverage her stardom to encourage more people to vote for Biden and drive Donald Trump from office, then why not offer the same opportunity to every other interested celebrity?

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Original reporting by Izin Akhabau at The Independent.

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