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Trump claims Biden will destroy the suburbs in outrageous Twitter attack

Trump claims Biden will destroy the suburbs in outrageous Twitter attack

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To the surprise of absolutely no one who has been paying attention for the past four years, Donald Trump has decided to embrace overt racism as a reelection strategy. Given the manner in which he demonized Mexicans and Muslims to court the white nationalist vote in 2016, it’s hardly surprising that bigotry would constitute a cornerstone of his rhetoric heading into November but the sheer transparency of it is still shocking to behold.

Eschewing all semblance of subtlety, the president has begun fear-mongering about the suburbs, claiming that Joe Biden will “abolish” them and bring “low income housing and projects” to these regions. It’s of course no coincidence that low-income renters are usually people of color (due in large part to generations and generations of systemic racism and codified denial of access to wealth). When Trump warns of “low-income” housing what he’s really doing is telling his right-wing white voters that if they don’t vote for him they might wake up one day with a Black or Hispanic neighbor. It’s racist dog whistle so loud it could be heard from outer space.

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In his tweets on the subject today, Trump specifically singled out the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule. In simplest terms, the AFFH is a section of the Fair Housing Act which was signed into law in 1968 and designed to prevent discrimination.

Under Obama,  the provision was strengthened so that the disbursement of federal funding to towns and cities was made contingent upon them proving they were adhering to anti-discrimination and bias rules. The Trump administration repealed the Obama administration’s provision, as clear an indication as any that this president is decidedly pro-discrimination.

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Beyond the disgustingly racist implications of the president’s tweets, one can’t help but marvel at the sheer stupidity of them. Does Trump really believe his voters are gullible enough to believe that Joe Biden wants to literally “ABOLISH” suburbs? Does he think they’ll buy his asinine claim that the former vice president, a generally moderate, thoughtful guy, is determined to destroy the “American Dream?”

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The lowest common denominator way in which this president crafts his rhetoric shows just how little he thinks of his voters. He thinks they’re stupid and if they still choose to vote for him at this point, he’s probably right.

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