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Trump tries to mock Cuomo for having a “deranged” lawyer, who was also Trump’s lawyer

Trump tries to mock Cuomo for having a “deranged” lawyer, who was also Trump’s lawyer

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President Trump continued his bizarre feud with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his apparent lawyer, Michael Cohen, on Monday morning, recirculating the leaked audio of a discussion between Cuomo and Cohen that the right-wing media machine insisted was evidence that Cuomo had been accused of sexual harassment.

Somehow, without a hint of irony, Trump trashed Cuomo for having a convicted “lier” as a lawyer despite the fact that Michael Cohen was convicted for helping to arrange a secret hush money payment to the porn star that Donald Trump was having an affair with and then lying about it.

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That convicted “lier” who also apparently is “deranged and sick” worked as a vice-president at the Trump Organization for over a decade and was one of Trump’s personal lawyers, which says all you need to know about the kind of people that Donald Trump hires.

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It is ridiculous to see Trump try to pull the “yeah, what kind of an idiot would hire Michael Cohen” after he himself had hired Michael Cohen, but it’s just more evidence of how reality, fact, and the past have no bearing whatsoever on Trump’s addled brain.

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On top of that, huge swathes of the nation are literally on fire and the COVID-19 death toll is screaming towards the 200,000 lives lost mark — but this is what the president is spending his days complaining about?

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