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Trump brags about his Nobel Prize nomination and gets reminded that Hitler had one too

Trump brags about his Nobel Prize nomination and gets reminded that Hitler had one too

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This morning, President Trump went on a gleeful posting spree in response to the news that a Norwegian politician had nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize in what can only be one of the biggest trolling jobs the modern world has ever seen.

Citing Trump’s role in the negotiations between North and South Korea (negligible at best) and the recent normalization of relations between the UAE and Israel (which he personally had almost nothing to do with), Norwegian Parliament member Christian Tybring-Gjedde claimed that President Trump “has broken a 39-year-old streak of American Presidents either starting a war or bringing the United States an international armed conflict.”

Trump went on an extremely undeserved victory lap, retweeting and tweeting 17 times about the nomination in a desperate and futile attempt to use the short-lived gratification to fill the gaping void in his soul where his father’s approval was supposed to go.

Here’s a small sample:

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It should go without saying that the idea that Trump has contributed to world peace in any lasting way is absolutely preposterous.

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While the world’s attention has been preoccupied with the coronavirus crisis, the United States has quietly been raining death and destruction upon some of the world’s poorest people. Despite the UN Secretary-General’s call for a global coronavirus armistice, the Trump administration has conducted more airstrikes on Somalia this year than the administrations of Bush and Obama combined, according to TIME’s Nick Turse, killing dozens of innocent civilians. 43 airstrikes have been conducted so far this year and 63 were launched last year.

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Under President Donald Trump, the U.S. military’s approach of performative regret towards civilian casualties has become one of open hostility and indiscriminate murder. The administration’s loose rules of engagement and aggressive bombing campaigns earned us the appalling distinction of having killed more civilians in Afghanistan last year than the Taliban did.

President Trump’s diplomatic excursions have largely been elaborate excuses to get him to foreign golf courses and to needlessly suck up to the foreign dictators whose absolute power he shamelessly lusts for. Completely uninterested in the duties of governing the United States or the well-being of any single human that isn’t himself, the idea that he cares about international relations beyond his suspicious concern for the interests of the Russian government is laughable.

Social media quickly began pointed out that the Nobel Peace Prize nomination is one that he shares with one Adolf Hitler, the man who started a war that killed anywhere from 70 to 85 million people and whose genocidal speeches Trump reportedly kept on his bedside table.

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