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Trump’s military school superior trashes the “obnoxious SOB” in response to insults to war dead

Trump’s military school superior trashes the “obnoxious SOB” in response to insults to war dead

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As Donald Trump tries to deny ever having insulted the members of the U.S. military as “fools” and “suckers” — despite corroboration from multiple media sources who have confirmed his disdain for the armed forces — one of his superiors at the closest the president ever came to serving in the military has weighed in with a withering assessment of Trump’s sociopathic ways.

Trump was a subordinate of 74-year-old George M. White when he attended New York Military Academy, the school his father Fred sent him to in order to instill some much-needed discipline in his wayward son.

While hindsight shows that Fred Trump obviously deserved a full refund of the tuition that he paid for his son’s failed attempt at acquiring values of service and military self-restraint, Mr. White recalls that the president’s severe personality flaws and psychological disorders were plainly apparent even before he graduated the academy in 1964.

Journalist Michael Hirsh interviewed the now-retired Mr. White for an article in Foreign Policy magazine and asked him about the remarks reported in The Atlantic‘s blockbuster expose of the president’s military animosity.

“No, those remarks absolutely didn’t surprise me,” White told the reporter.” In my dealings with him, he was a heartless, obnoxious son of a bitch.”

While Hirsch cites Trump’s “love of superficial military grandeur, especially parades and medals,” he says that the president lacks any true respect for the values that motivate people to join the nation’s armed forces.

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White, for his part, attributes Trump’s fascination with the trappings of offensive power to the faux nature of his military school training.

“I went into the U.S. Army during Vietnam in 1968. I served a tour in Korea. When I got into basic training I realized very quickly that at the New York Military Academy, we were just play-acting. What we had been taught was a sort of surface military thing,” White told the Foreign Policy journalist.

Other Trump associates at the school interviewed by Hirsch were equally dismissive of the president.

Sandy McIntosh, who was a younger classmate of Trump’s at the New York Military Academy, recalled that Donald was not the most promising student in his class.

“One of the things that struck me was I don’t recall him being a good student at all. I was two years younger than him, and he asked me to go over his essays for him and improve them. It was the only time I got to see the nature of his disability. I think his grades were mostly in the D-plus or C-minus range.”

If only Trump could rise to even that slightly above a failing grade during his presidency perhaps our nation wouldn’t be in the sorry shape we currently find ourselves in.

Even close Trump associates from his business career who possessed military experience slammed the president for his lack of comprehension of the purpose and duties of patriotic service in the armed forces.

Former Trump family architect, Alan Lapidus, enlisted in the military in 1957 well before working for Donald. He told Hirsh that “Like most ex-military, I detest (Trump’s) love of having parades and having real military personnel salute him.”

What else would you expect from “a heartless, obnoxious son of a bitch?”

It would be remiss not to interject an exhortation to vote this cruel manipulator of toy soldier patriotism out of office and banish him to the trash heap of history as soon as humanly possible, would it not?

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Original reporting by Michael Hirsh at Foreign Policy.

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