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Grumpy Trump appears to flub Pledge of Allegiance and honors “9/11 members” in memorial ceremony

Grumpy Trump appears to flub Pledge of Allegiance and honors “9/11 members” in memorial ceremony

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It couldn’t be more obvious to everyone involved that President Trump’s “patriotism” and solemn respect for those lost in the September 11th terrorist attacks is nothing but a callously insincere performance designed to placate the rubes still gullible enough to buy his increasingly lazy efforts at pretending to be president — but just in case it wasn’t, Trump’s laughable behavior during today’s commemoration ceremony should put the issue to rest.

Just look at this body language. He’s clearly bored and frustrated for having to sit through yet another ceremony for the losers and suckers who lost their lives in the worst attack in our nation’s history.

While he’s spent his entire presidency questioning the patriotism of Democrats and especially of Muslim Democrats, Trump almost certainly doesn’t even know the words to the pledge of allegiance, as video from today’s 9/11 memorial ceremony shows:

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Perhaps it’s because he owes his allegiance to a different nation?

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On top of that, the president gave a very low-energy and trite speech which had one eyebrow-raising moment where he referred to the 9/11 “members,” as if the victims and those affected by the tragedies are part of some kind of exclusive club which jacks up the price of membership when the founder becomes president.

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The Twin Towers hadn’t even finished falling before Trump began boasting about how his tower was now the largest in New York, which is the perfect example of how monstrously selfish and cruel he is at his core. It is infuriating and mind-blowing to try to comprehend how his legions of hooting and baying supporters don’t see through his charade and realize that he not only doesn’t care about them but is literally emotionally incapable of doing so!

May this be the last solemn occasion we have to endure with this sociopathic buffoon.

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