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Ted Cruz hilariously demolished by social media after he says many liberals have no “balls”

Ted Cruz hilariously demolished by social media after he says many liberals have no “balls”

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Of all the pathetic mannerisms and nauseating habits of the putrified hodgepodge we call modern American conservatism, few are as tiresome as the faux-masculine posturing that seems to fascinate just about every elected male Republican official. Incredibly wealthy men, most of whom have never known a single real hardship in their lives, love to play-act as tough guys, chomping cigars and posing with guns while talking like characters out of a bad spaghetti western. Donald Trump is obviously guilty of this habit but Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is by far one of the worst offenders.

Cruz is an abject moral coward. He has enabled Trump’s dismantling of our democracy and voted to acquit the president of impeachment charges despite the mountains of evidence indicating vast abuses of office, likely criminality, and a singular unfitness for the job. The man has completely subsumed himself to the MAGA rot at the heart of the GOP. All of this he decided to do even after Trump called his wife ugly and implied his father was involved in the JFK assassination.

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Were Cruz a man of any sort, those two offenses alone would have compelled him to despise Trump for the rest of the days. Instead, he chose to swallow his dignity and it now looks that the reward for doing so could possibly be a seat on the Supreme Court.

With all of these facts in mind, Cruz’s tweet today is laughably hypocritical. The senator retweeted a story about Trevor Noah talking about gender and commented that: “Many liberal males never grow balls…”

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As one might imagine, Twitter users were quick to tear into old Teddy, pointing out the staggering irony of a man who failed to defend his wife and father talking about anyone’s “balls.” Read some of the best jabs below.›

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