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Trump fights against his avalanche of negative news with a new distraction aimed at his regular foes

Trump fights against his avalanche of negative news with a new distraction aimed at his regular foes

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At this point — after weeks of cascading disastrous revelations about his criminally negligent behavior managing the COVID-19 pandemic, his shocking insults towards the military, and his contempt for the rule of law by urging his followers to vote twice — Donald Trump’s desperation and paranoia are not surprising.

Nor is the president’s taking to social media to vent his campaign flop sweat the least bit unexpected as his hopes for reelection dwindle down to a hail Mary pass — whether from Vladimir Putin or from some other foreign power or in some dubiously concocted scheme created within his campaign —  to create an October surprise that can salvage his future from becoming an unrelenting series of prosecutions and lawsuits.

Thus, Trump began his day with a tweet that attempted to resurrect the notion that the only victim that mattered after the nation approaches 200,000 dead from the pandemic and the West suffers from climate change-induced catastrophic wildfires is himself.

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The president is presenting us here with another example of his extreme desperation to change the focus of the media conversation away from his murderous downplaying of the coronavirus pandemic that Bob Woodward’s audio recordings reveal that he knew would be incredibly deadly as early as February of this year.

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Only desperation could lead Trump to fall back on stale accusations against his eternal nemeses Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team and to reignite the extinguished and discredited topic of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It’s almost as if Trump has no sense of proportion whatsoever since his and his family’s own use of social media and other insecure electronic communications methods has gone far beyond any of the heavily investigated use of private servers by the former Secretary of State, who was ultimately exonerated by the FBI of any wrong-doing.

“A big price must be paid” sure sounds like a threat that should be taken seriously from a man who despite his obvious mental illnesses still has a heavy hand on the levers of power.

The responses to Trump’s tweet included some doubts about the legitimacy of the president’s accusations towards Miller’s team and their relevance given everything else facing American society currently.

Trump’s malignant narcissism is never clearer when he laments about how different his life would have been if this “illegitimate Witch Hunt” — the details of which were justified and confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee — had never taken place.

Unfortunately for the president, all his self-victimization lament does is remind voters of how different our own lives would be if this fraud of a president had never been in office to begin with.

Let’s insist that Trump be held to the standards of the question posed to America by then-Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan when he debated incumbent president Jimmy Carter 40 years ago: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

Unless you’re in the top one percent of the population that benefited greatly from the GOP income redistribution scheme called the Republican tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy, your answer to that question is likely no.

You know what you have to do. Vote Donald Trump out of office and give Joe Biden the biggest landslide in U.S. history.

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