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“We’ll negotiate” — Trump raises specter of third term while campaigning in Nevada

“We’ll negotiate” — Trump raises specter of third term while campaigning in Nevada

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It’s difficult to argue that he’s just joking at this point.

Donald Trump repeated his oft-uttered vow, so contemptuous of the U.S. Constitution, that he would “negotiate” a third term after winning the current election as he campaigned in Nevada last night.

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Many people took Trump’s unearned sense of personal victimhood over the way he has been “treated” as a threat to bypass the constitutional processes necessary to overturn the 22nd Amendment which limits presidents to just two terms.

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The amendment, passed after Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s record four presidential victories, would require that states ratify a new amendment using the same process that led to the ratification of the 22nd Amendment.

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Given that the ratification would hardly be a matter subject to “negotiation,” Trump’s careless words suggested a more insidious manner of extending his term.

Who exactly does he imagine negotiating with to achieve his unconstitutional desire for an unending position of presidential power, a position which incidentally protects him from prosecutions for the many alleged crimes he has committed both before and after taking office?

Even more relevant who actually believes that this overweight, obviously unhealthy, mentally-diminished 74-year-old man is still going to be cogent or even still alive in 2024?

Given that Trump has repeated his fantasies of a third term multiple times during this campaign, one can no longer see his comments as a mere joke any longer.

It’s obvious that he is envious of the power and longevity of the totalitarian regimes of those that he sees as his peers and objects of adulation, such as Vladimir Putin who engineered a suspect election to overturn term limits to allow him to remain president when it would have been previously prohibited.

Trump is apparently equally enamored of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, another leader who claims a divine mandate and wields unlimited authoritarian power.

An even more attractive model for the president may be in Saudi Arabia where the royal family not only rules with an iron fist but can execute a dissident journalist without even a hint of international protest while earning untold wealth from their nation’s petroleum reserves.

Luckily Trump has signaled his evil Constitution-violating desires well ahead of any planned actions to push his plans forward and still must pass the hurdle of the current election to even begin seriously considering how to execute his likely planned push to become president for life.

We must subvert his unthinkable ambitions immediately by voting Joe Boden into the presidency in an unprecedented landslide.

Let’s make America normal again.

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