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Top Trump official accuses scientists of treason and calls for armed revolt if Trump loses

Top Trump official accuses scientists of treason and calls for armed revolt if Trump loses

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Michael Caputo is the Republican political strategist and lobbyist who was appointed by Donald Trump as assistant secretary of public affairs in the Department of Health and Human Services in April of this year.

While Caputo has deep ties to Russia and is considered a protege of Trump’s unofficial minister of dirty political tricks, Roger Stone,   his experience in the areas that the DHHS is responsible for has been nil, given his total lack of medical or scientific expertise.

Caputo has been in the news in recent days after it was discovered that the political appointee “demanded the right to review and seek changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly scientific reports charting the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, in what officials characterized as an attempt to intimidate the reports’ authors and water down their communications to health professionals,” according to an expose by Politico that details his “substantial efforts to align the reports with Trump’s statements, including the president’s claims that fears about the outbreak are overstated, or stop the reports altogether.”

With his condemnable efforts to taint what should be impartial scientific data reports — in order to conform to Donald Trump’s lunatic version of politically-expedient reality — now exposed, Caputo is striking back at his critics who somehow retain the belief that doctoring COVID-19 statistics to benefit the president while harming the public through the dissemination of misinformation is tantamount to a criminal act.

Caputo erupted in a wailing jeremiad yesterday that rivaled any of the president’s own wild conspiratorial fantasies when he lashed out at unnamed career government scientists, accusing them of “sedition” in their handling of the pandemic and issuing a completely unfounded warning that left-wing hit squads were gearing up for armed insurrection after the election.

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Caputo’s insane allegations may as well have come straight from Donald Trump’s twitter feed, so divorced from reality and steeped in desperate campaign rhetoric that they are.

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Caputo also demonstrated his supreme idiocy by confusing the unit at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dedicated to researching antibiotic-resistant bacteria — a phenomenon that has become a major medical problem as the overuse of antibiotics has led to the evolution of “superbugs” impervious to existing pharmaceutical solutions — with a non-existent left-wing political resistance group at the CDC.

Caputo’s manic paranoia was exhibited in a live stream that he hosted on his personal Facebook page yesterday where he told his followers: “You understand that they’re going to have to kill me, and unfortunately, I think that’s where this is going,” the DHHS public affairs official said.

He went on to claim that he was under assault by the news media and said that his physical health has been affected and his “mental health has definitely failed.”

He won’t get any argument from us on that account.

“I don’t like being alone in Washington,” Caputo continued, describing “shadows on the ceiling in my apartment, there alone, shadows are so long.”

As he indicated earlier, his “mental health has definitely failed.”

The Trump mouthpiece then launched into an epic conspiracy theory that upended the most typical predictions about how the outcome of the November elections will turn out, predicting a Trump victory and refusal to concede by his challenger, Joe Biden.

“And when Donald Trump refuses to stand down at the inauguration, the shooting will begin,” he said. “The drills that you’ve seen are nothing.” He added: “If you carry guns, buy ammunition, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s going to be hard to get.”

Caputo’s urging of political violence alone should be enough to ensure that he is booted out of the federal government as soon as possible, but the evidence of his insanity runs even deeper and warrants his involuntary commitment to psychiatric care.

Take these comments about the cabal of evil “deep state” scientists whom he claims “deep in the bowels of the C.D.C. have given up science and become political animals.”

They “haven’t gotten out of their sweatpants except for meetings at coffee shops” to scheme about “how they’re going to attack Donald Trump next,” Caputo ranted. “There are scientists who work for this government who do not want America to get well, not until after Joe Biden is president.”

According to The New York Times, Caputo explained his Facebook remarks today by claiming that “Since joining the administration my family and I have been continually threatened” and harassed by people who have later been prosecuted. “This weighs heavily on us, and we deeply appreciate the friendship and support of President Trump as we address these matters and keep our children safe.”

You can read more about Michael Caputo and his desperately damaged notions in response to his political meddling in what should be impartial scientific reports in this New York Times article.

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Original reporting by Dan Diamond at Politico and by The New York Times.

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