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Trump appears to call for the Justice Department to prosecute Mueller team over new “wiped cellphone” faux-scandal

Trump appears to call for the Justice Department to prosecute Mueller team over new “wiped cellphone” faux-scandal

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With just 50 days to go until the election, President Trump should be focused on making his case to the nation — but it appears he would rather spend his days seething about the Mueller investigation and calling for vengeance against those who have dared to do him wrong.

The president spent his Monday morning tweeting and retweeting conspiratorial accusations about the Special Counsel’s investigation into the Donald J. Trump for President campaign and its connections to Russia, appearing to call for the Department of Justice to prosecute the Mueller team for doing their jobs.

He also demanded that the Department of Justice prosecute Hillary Clinton for the crime of deleting 33,000 personal emails that were not related to her work at the State Department.

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Exactly whose lives were “destroyed” by Mueller’s “persecution squad” is unclear. The latest allegations against the Mueller probe appear to focus around some cellphones that were restored to factory settings due to the highly suspicious excuse of irreparably cracked screens and forgotten passcodes, thus clearing all of the data from the phone. What damning information these cellphones were supposed to contain is unclear, but in the paranoid and delusional brain of right-wing conspiracy theorists, those phones definitely contained the evidence of a conspiracy against Trump that they are always juuuuuuuust on the verge of discovering.

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This is nothing new for the president, but it is a disturbing reminder that the president of the United States believes the Department of Justice and its Attorney General to be his own personal hit squad, existing to abuse its power to persecute his political enemies and shield him from any potential consequences from the insane corruption and wildly illegal actions of the Trump administration.

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