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Bob Woodward shoots down Jared Kushner’s claim that he has audio that exonerates himself

Bob Woodward shoots down Jared Kushner’s claim that he has audio that exonerates himself

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Would two different audio recordings of the exact same conversation yield any content different from each other?

We may be about to find out after presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner and legendary journalist Bob Woodward made dueling claims about what the unelected minister of many portfolios did or did not say during their interview for the reporter’s latest book, Rage.

Woodward, who recorded his interviews for accuracy and later verification, has said that Kushner referred to former senior members of the Trump administration as “overconfident idiots.”

While the description is not nearly as damning as others that could be equally apt — such as “traitorous fools” or “malicious enablers” — Kushner, nonetheless, denied having used those words in his conversation with the author.

In an appearance on this morning’s Today Show on NBC,  Ivanka’s baby daddy essentially called Woodward a liar and revealed that he has his own recordings of the encounter to back up his assertion.

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“He’s got tapes of everything, I have tapes of everything,” Kushner said. “That was never implied in that regard.”

Woodward, for his part, quickly responded to squash Kushner’s claims in an interview with The Washington Post.

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“If you look at Jared Kushner’s quote, he said, well, there were people in the campaign and then suggested he was referring to these ‘overconfident idiots’ in the campaign,” Woodward said of the White House advisor’s Today Show interview. “In the transcript, it’s clear he’s talking about the administration. The administration is not the campaign.”

“It is kind of this whole idea, you can take facts and kind of turn them and suggest,” Woodward continued. “I’m quite interested in, when Jared says he has tapes, I have tapes. I taped him with his permission. I suspect that he was taping me. He did not extend the courtesy to me that he was taping the conversation.”

“That’s fine. I report accurately what he said in the book.”

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Woodward went on to say that Rage includes much “more important quotes” from Kushner than the one that he disputed, including claims that “Trump executed a ‘hostile takeover’ of the Republican Party, that the platforms are written by people who are extremists and it is a disparagement of the Republican Party.”

“Do they look at Trump as a hostile takeover?”Woodward questioned. “Certainly, he’s different. But is it hostile?”

“We will be dealing more and in depth with what Jared Kushner had to say,” the probing journalist promised.

Hmm?!? Well, this seems pretty simple to resolve. Just have both men release their version of the recordings and let the public hear for themselves exactly what was said.

The ball’s in your court now, Jared. Put up or shut up.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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